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  • Adding M5 repeaters in a multicell environment


The Snom M5 Repeater can be used to extend the DECT coverage area between one base and handsets. A repeater cannot extend the coverage area between one base and another base.

Here can you find a step by step guide, how to install a M5 Repeater.

Adding a repeater to an M700 multi-cell installation is not recommended and should be avoided as this will halve the maximum number of bases with each repeater per base. However, if you decide to add one or more repeaters, please make sure you read the tips and tricks below to ensure proper functionality.

  1. Make sure your installation complies with the limits.

    In a multicell, you can have:
    1. 50 base stations with 3 repeater per base station
    2. or 127 base station with maximum 1 repeater per base station
    3. or 254 base stations and no repeater

      After deciding which of these options to use, please configure this in the web interface under Multicell:

  2. Use latest firmware version on the bases and on the repeater - look for latest version here: DECT M-Series Firmware

  3. Automatic vs manual mode: when using repeaters in a multicell we recommend to use manual registration, because automatic registration means that you cannot control to which base the repeater is registered to, so you might have unexpected connections. You can also try automatic, but if that fails please switch to manual.

  4. When using manual registration, you must enter the RPN of the base to which the repeater should connect to. To find out the RPN of a base, you can look in the bases table in the Multicell section, find the IP address of your base and for that row of the table get the value under the RPN column (not the "DECT sync source" column). For example in the below image, the RPN for IP address 10.110.30 112 is RPN08:

  5. Make sure that all bases use the same time server and that the time server works correctly

  6. It is also important that the DECT-dBm-level between repeater and base is not less than -75dBm

  7. Whenever you need to re-configure a repeater or having problems re-connecting,  you should reset it and try again.

    Here is the reset procedure:
    1. Plug out
    2. Plug in for 1 to 5 seconds, then plug out
    3. Plug in for 25 tot 35 seconds, then Plug out

  8. Access code must be 0000 in order for a repeater to be able to connect. See also  Why I'm not able to add a repeater to M300/M700 ?

  9. Make sure you register the repeaters one by one