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Starting with version, all editable phone settings can be changed via the Web Interface using the Settings page. This requires a JavaScript-enabled browser.

This article shows how to do this using example setting general_purpose_xml_descriptions.

Here is how you can configure a setting using the Settings page:

  1. Log in as admin in the Web Interface

  2. Click on Settings, then search in page for the required setting (in our example general_purpose_xml_descriptions) or scroll down

  3. Right-click on the setting, you will see the following menu:

  4. Enter the required value for the setting, then press OK:

  5. Under "Some settings are not yet stored permanently.", you can press "View Changes" to review your changes:

    <general type="A"/>
    <variable name='subscr_uri' value='sip:434@'/>
    <state value='off'/><identity value="2"/>
    <subscription type="dialog" to="<$(subscr_uri)>" for="$(subscr_uri)"/>
    <NotifyParsingRules type="applies">
    <level1 translates_to="OK">/dialog-info[@entity="$(subscr_uri)"]</level1>
    <NotifyParsingRules type="state">
    <level1 translates_to="ringing">/dialog-info/dialog/state[.="early"]</level1>
    <level1-1 translates_to="calling">/dialog-info/dialog[@direction="initiator"]</level1-1>
    <level2 translates_to="ringing">/dialog-info/dialog/state[.="proceeding"]</level2>
    <level2-1 translates_to="calling">/dialog-info/dialog[@direction="initiator"]</level2-1>
    <level3 translates_to="offhook">/dialog-info/dialog/state[.="trying"]</level3>
    <level4 translates_to="in_a_call">/dialog-info/dialog/state[.="confirmed"]</level4>
    <level5 translates_to="free"/>
  6. Then press Save