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  • How to update M25,M65,M85 - DECT handsets


  • Please make sure that all your base stations and handsets have the suggested firmware version combination, as documented on our firmware download centre.
  • Always update all base stations first, then the handsets.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Log on to the web interface of the base station and click on the "Firmware Update" link

  2. Insert into the "Firmware update server address" field. The firmware path should stay empty for all updates to versions starting with 400BXX. 

  3. Insert the Required version number (e.g. 410) and Required branch number (e.g. 4) for all your handsets.
  4. Click the "Save/Start Update" button

To initiate the firmware update process, place all handsets into the charging cradles.

Please read these instructions to update your Base Station M300 / M700.

Trouble shooting

You can monitor the progress on the firmware update process on the WUI of the base station. To do this:

  • On the M700 go to the Extensions page and check the FWU Progress field
  • On the M300 go to the Extensions page, then click on Handsets and check the FWU Progress field

Once the update process is running, you will see a Percentage Number in the FWU Progress Field.