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  • How to update M300 - M700 DECT Base Station


Updating a M300 / M700 base station

  1. Log on to the web interface of the base station and click on the "Firmware Update" link
  2. Insert into the "Firmware update server address" field.

    The firmware path field should be left empty.

  3. Click on the "Save/Start Update" button
  4. Insert the Required version number (e.g. 410) and the Required branch number (e.g. 3) you want to install. Click on the "Update All Base stations" radio button if you want to update all base stations within a multi cell installation.
  5. Click on the "Save/Start Update" button again to initiate the update process.

Troubleshooting Firmware Update

  • If everything is working properly the base will start downloading the firmware. At the end of the download the system checks the binary integrity. This procedure can take some minutes.
  • At the end of the previous steps the base station will apply the firmware upgrade. During this phase the device will be unreachable and you should see the base LED blinking in orange and then in red.
  • After some minutes the base station should be correctly updated and reachable via the web interface

Please read these instructions to update your handsets M25 / M65 / M85.

  • You can perform the firmware update using our firmware update server -
  • Please always refer to our Firmware Update Centre to find our latest public firmware release

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