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  • IPPhoneDirectory


The IPPhoneDirectory tag displays a directory of name-number pairs from which you can select one to call.

You can see a IPPhoneDireectory usage example here

Valid Attributes

  • has_scrollbar: Display a scrollbar. Valid values: true, false, yes, no, on, off
  • speedselect: If enabled, an item or line can be selected by entering the according number. If set to enter, the item is directly entered, as if you pressed the OK button. If set to select, the item/line is only preselected. Valid values: off, select, enter.
  • Main Attributes

Valid Subtags

The SnomIPPhoneDirectory can contain some subtags:


A single directory entry

Valid Attributes

  • sel: Preselect this directory entry

Valid Subtags

  • Name: The displayed text for the directory entry
  • Telephone: The number dialed, when the directory entry is selected.