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The IPPhoneInput tag isplays an input field. The entered value can be put anywhere into the Url for the next XML file to process by a freely definable token. In combination with URI fragment commands the value can be used to set settings or variables.

You can see a IPPhoneInput usage example here

Valid Attributes

Valid Subtags

The IPPhoneInput can contain some subtags:


The URL that is fetched after the input has been finished with the OK (check-mark) button. All occurences of the string defined in the InputToken element will be replaced by the entered value.

Valid Attributes

  • sel: Preselect this directory entry

Valid Subtags

  • Name: The displayed text for the directory entry
  • Telephone: The number dialed, when the directory entry is selected.


Required element to determine the input rule.

Valid Subtags

  • Conditional Elements: TODO add link
  • DisplayName: Header of the intput field. Currently this is displayed in the title, so the Title element has no effect for SnomIPPhoneInput
  • DefaultValue: The default value that will be pre-filled into the input field
  • InputToken: Defines a token, that will be replaced in the Url by the entered value
  • InputMask: limiting the input position and input mode. 9, a, A characters will act as mask with correspondent input mode (9 as number input mode, a as lower-case input mode and A as upper-case input mode)
  • InputFlags: Specifies the type of input field.
    • Valid values:
      • a: normal text
      • t: telephone number
      • n: number
      • e: number with text
      • u: uppercase text
      • l: lowercase text
      • p: password
      • pn: numeric password
  • InputModeFixed: locks the input mode and does not allow users to change it. You can use this flag by adding it to your <InputItem> like this: <InputModeFixed>1</InputModeFixed>