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The IPPhoneText tag shows arbitrary text

You can see a IPPhoneMenu usage example here

Valid Attributes

  • has_scrollbar: Display a scrollbar. Valid values: true, false, yes, no, on, off
  • clearlight: starting with version, the clearlight attribute for the <SnomIPPhoneText> tag can be used to switch off the message LED from the minibrowser. Valid values: true, false (any other value is considered "false")
  • Main Attributes

Valid Subtags

The IPPhoneText can contain some subtags:


The text to display. This tag contain mixed content.

Valid Subtags


X coordinate of the text position


Y coordinate of the text position


Show image alongside the text

Valid Attributes

  • default: Default image if the image url content on URL failed to load

Valid Subtags

  • Contidional blocks
  • LocationX: X coordinate of the image position
  • LocationY: Y coordinate of the text position
  • width: Determine the width of image
  • height: Determine the height of image


The <Led> tag allows to control the LEDs of the Free Function Keys. See details here: XML-Minibrowser-Led