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  • Intercom on Desk Phones


Intercom is the ability to send or receive auto-answered calls. A typical use case would be an announcement that you would like to make from one colleague to the other in an office environment


  • On the calling phone

Configure any free Function Key as type "Intercom" . Type in the extension (can be single or call group) you want to announce the call to:

  • On the receiving phone(s)

Configure the setting: Advanced → Behavior : Intercom Policy to "Always" and look at the following setting: answer_after_policy .


On the calling phone, press the configured intercom function key, and the phone will send an INVITE message to the extension specified. The INVITE message will contain the "Alert-Info" Header:

Alert-Info: <>;info=alert-autoanswer;delay=0

which is needed to force the called extension(s) to auto answer the intercom call.