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Access to individual telephones is often not fully controllable: often individual devices are located in shared areas (corridors, lobbies, waiting rooms, etc.) or the locations are accessible to strangers. A stranger could therefore make phone calls at the company's expense or access confidential data (address book, XML applications, etc.).

How good that Snom phones can be equipped with a key lock - simple or complex, depending on the requirements / area.

Simple key lock

Whenever the parameter enable_keyboard_lock (default = on) is activated, you can lock the keyboard manually by simply holding down the * key for about 5 seconds.

After the keyboard is locked, press any key to unlock it, then you will be asked for a simple confirmation to unlock it.

In this simple way, the phone is immediately unlocked when the OK button is pressed and you can use the device as usual.

Key lock with PIN 

With the parameter keyboard_lock_pw you can also configure a PIN that must be entered when unlocking the device: When the device is unlocked, the PIN will be requested automatically:

Automatic lock after time

It is also possible to lock the phone automatically by configuring a keyboard_lock_timeout This parameter defines the time of inactivity (in seconds) after which the phone will automatically lock remotely. This means that you can e.g. lock all phones in an area by remote control at closing time.

Lock remotely

A procedure that locks all devices remotely can be activated by a simple HTTP request by setting the parameter keyboard_lock http://ip_of_the_telephone/dummy.htm?settings=save&keyboard_lock=on. In the same way (setting keyboard_lock=off) it is later possible to unlock the phones remotely (unlocking remotely does not require a PIN entry).

Emergency call

In emergency situations, every telephone should be freely usable: Emergency calls or calls to certain numbers should therefore always be allowed without restrictions. For this reason, the keyboard_lock_emergency parameter allows for the input of destinations which can be dialed without unlocking the phone.