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Company Profile

Sipgate’s VoIP services offers residential clients a basic free of charge telephone line, and corporate clients a cloud telephony solution for up to 250 employees. Sipgate provides its customers with DIDs from all area codes and international numbers, too. Several hundred thousand customers rely on Sipgate and make the service becoming the largest network-independent VoIP provider based on SIP standard in Germany.

Sipgate started in 2004 as the first Internet telephony provider in Germany. Moreover, Sipgate is also active in the UK.

Products & Services

Sipgate team
As a cloud solution, Sipgate team handles all company telephony via broadband connection and browser. This eliminates the need for conventional telephone lines and systems, including maintenance.
Sipgate trunking

"SIP trunking" connects your VoIP telephone system to the conventional public telephone network via Sipgate. The connection works like a normal system/PMX connection for incoming and outgoing calls.

Sipgate io
The real-time API for call processing: Transfer call information from your Sipgate account to your software in real time with our telephone API.

Sipgate Partnerprogramm
Brokering of Sipgate business products with a long-term commission model. Certified partners receive 10% on all sales of the customers they recruit for life.

Integration with Snom

In principle, Sipgate products can be used with all SIP-enabled devices. Nevertheless, we often use Snom phones as reference hardware when developing and testing features. This is mainly due to the good technical documentation and the open architecture. For this and many other reasons, we can recommend Snom products to our customers without reservation.

D3XX Series


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D7XX SeriesD710D712D715D717D725D735D745D765D785
Snom Advanced Interoperability

Snom Turnkey Integration


DECT Workplace MobilityM300M700M25M65M85
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