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SRAPS provides an intuitive, user friendly web interface to manage redirection and provisioning for Snom phones.

Currently, you are able to perform the following tasks. 

  • Create and modify Provisioning Profiles
  • Add new endpoints
  • Delete endpoints

With every new release of SRAPS, we will add new features to improve the provisioning and management of your endpoints.


General concepts

Every endpoint registered on SRPAS must be associated to a Provisioning Profile, a Provisioning Profile can be a redirection target or a set of settings to be provisioned on the endpoint.

So the first step to register an endpoint is to create a provisioning profile, the next step will be to add the MAC addresses and assign them to the profile you created. 

User account types

There are two different user account types specified on SRAPS:

  • Reseller
  • End user


A reseller can create companies (his end users), add endpoints and create configuration profiles for these endpoints.

End user

An end user can add phones to his account, add endpoints and create configuration profiles for these endpoints.


Simply welcoming page with information on SRAPS and how to contact us if you should encounter any problems.

Endpoint Management - Phones

Click Save to save the new profile or cancel to abort.

Add new endpoint(s)

You can get an overview list of all your registered endpoints by clicking on the menu item Endpoint Management → Phones.

An endpoint is a phone with a specific MAC address. You can add one or multiple MAC addresses at a time.

To add a new device (or multiple new devices), click on the  in the bottom right corner.

Then paste the MAC addresses into the text input field. SRAPS will instantly validate the provided MAC addresses.

Next you will be asked to assign one of your provisioning profiles to the new endpoints.

Click Register Phone to save your changes, or Cancel to abort the operation.

Delete endpoints

To delete an endpoint from SRAPS, you can do this from the endpoint overview list. Search / filter for the endpoint(s) you want to delete, mark them at the front click box, and click Delete.

You will be asked to confirm the operation:

Click Delete to confirm, and Cancel to abort.