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  • Which M85 hardware revision contains all alarm functions and how do I configure the alarms


Starting with the hardware version R2D, the DECT handset Snom M85 includes a full set of alarm features.

Supported alarm types are:

  • Man down
  • No movement
  • Running man
  • Pull cord
  • Alarm button

The mentioned alarm features are supported on the software starting from version 380B12, upgrading base and handset is required.
M85 handsets with hardware versions lower than R2D support only the alarm button.

You can find the hardware version on the label under the battery.

Configuring Alarms

1. Log in to the Web User Interface of the Mx00 and navigate to the Alarm page. From here you can configure five different alarm types:

  • Man Down
  • No Movement
  • Running
  • Pull Cord
  • Alarm Button


2. The Alarm Signal method can be either a Call or a Text Message* (see "Text Messaging Between Handsets" for an explanation of Text Messaging with the handsets)

3. Once the Alarms are defined, you can configure them on the M85 extension/handsets and then save the changes to apply them.

Example; I have (2) Alarms defined. One for the Alarm Button and another for Man Down. I have applied them to the extension and set the Alarm Signal method to "Call". The Alarm Number is "091100"


If you need different reactions to the triggered alarms on different devices, e.g. a call to the superior office belonging to the department or factory hall or different monitoring control stations, simply create the same alarm types (e.g. Man down) several times with unique names and configure different alarm signal procedures (call or text). Now you can easily assign the different alarms to the different handsets as shown above.