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For <IPPhoneText> the <Led> tag allows to control the LEDs of the Free Function Keys. When set to anything other than "Off", the respective LED setting will override any automated, state or event-based control associated with the intended functionality of the LED. For example, if a Line Key LED is manually overridden with this tag, pressing the Line Key button will not trigger any LED changes. Restoring control is achieved by setting the state in the Led tag to "Off".

Please note some LED's are associated with label pages. For example on a D785 LED5 is the first Line Key LED on page 1. LED11 is the first Line Key LED on page 2. Changing pages will change the synchronize the LED with its associated state for that page, whether set manually or via the functional rules.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<Title>LED Control Feature</Title>

<Prompt>Prompt Text</Prompt>
<Text>This sample page demonstrates the Minibrowser LED control feature.</Text>
<Led number="1">On</Led>
<Led number="2">Blink</Led>
<Led number="3">On</Led>
<Led number="4">Blink</Led>
<Led number="5">On</Led>
<Led number="6">Blink</Led>
<Led number="7">On</Led>
<Led number="8">Blink</Led>
<Led number="9">On</Led>
<Led number="10">Blink</Led>
<Led number="11">On</Led>
<Led number="12">Blink</Led>


Valid values are

  • On
  • Off
  • Blink
  • blinkfast

  • blinkslow

Supported LED colors:

  • red
  • green
  • orange

LED Number Order:

  • 0. Message LED (All except D120)
  • 1. In Call LED (All phones)
  • 2. Mute LED (All phones in 7xx Series)
  • 3. Speaker LED (All phones in 7xx Series)
  • 4. Headset LED (Alle phones n 7xx Series)
  • 5-8. Label Page LED (Only D745)

The LED for the line keys have different fixed starting points, because the phones have a varying number of LED.

  • D120
    Line LED start at number 1

  • D305 / D315 /  D335 / D345 / D375 / D385
    Line LED start at number 2

  • D712 / D715 / D717 / D725 / D735 / D765 / D785
    Line LED start at number 5

  • D745
    Line LED start at number 9

In XML the line LED is addressed as described below:

<Led number="0" color="red">on</Led>
<Led number="1" color="red">on</Led>
<Led number="2" color="red">on</Led>
<Led number="4" color="Yellow">on</Led>
<Led number="6" color="Green">on</Led>

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