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  • Troubleshooting Audio Issues DECT M700,M300,M85,M65,M25

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If you are using several base stations in a multicell, make sure that they are arranged correctly. Click on Multi Cell -> scroll down to Base Station Group to see the list of bases. The table will look similar to the one below. Check under "DECT sync source" and make sure that none of the values are below 75dBm. In the below example, value -86dB is too low and can cause audio issues. If you have any such value, re-assess the arangement arrangement of the base stations (see How to properly deploy a DECT multicell system). You may need to add some additional base stations.


The Site survey mode can help to check handover/roaming scenarios and can give a more complete picture of the DECT conditions on-site (see How to properly deploy a DECT multicell system -> Site Survey). Interference due to reflections should be easier to find with this function (error counter: FE). Also, an inconsistent multicell could be detected. 


It is also recommended to have the latest stable release of firmware upgraded to the base stations and the handsets. It is also a good practice to gather the syslog and systems, calls, repeater, and DECT statistics and settings files from the Base Stations for further analysis If the RSSI levels and loopback testing proves inconclusive.How+to+properly+deploy+a+DECT+multicell+system