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In this small how-to we want to document how to implement a VoIP/SIP doorkeeper using the Snom PA1.

Audio Connections

  1. Connect Line OUT to the Door Phone Speaker
  2. Connect MIC IN to the Door Phone Receiver

Keyboard Connections

  1. Key 6 and 7 control Dial Pad Key 1, see also PA-1 Keyboard Matrix
  2. Connect Key 6 and 7 to the Door Phone Call Button
  3. From the PA-1 Web User Interface, configure a Speed Dial to an internal Extension and assign it to a Dial Pad Key
  4. Enable Auto Dial if you wish to dial the number configured under the Speed Dial automatically
  5. Alternatively, you can use any combination of keys or single Dial Pad Key:

 Dial Pad Key  PIN PIN

No additional power is needed for activating the KBD pins. Short circuit the pins to each other

Electronic Door Strike Relay

Use I/O Connector 1 or 2 to supply voltage to an Electronic Door Strike.

I/O Connector 1


I/O Connector 2

Pins 1, 2, 3 and 4 are Normally Open contacts. They can be closed, supplying 3.3vdc, by using remote DTMF or the Web Interface. 

PIN 1: On 1#, Off 1*

PIN 2: On 2#, Off 2*

PIN 3: On 3#, Off 3*

PIN 4: On 4#, Off 4*

With the wiring harness connected to the I/O 2 port of the PA 1;

Black = Ground

Brown = 12v

Yellow = Pin 3

Purple = Pin 4