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h1. Changelog
*Changes since release version*
h2. New features:
SAP-314: New support for SIP warning header with setting: [wiki:sip_header_warning] & [wiki:sip_header_warning_codes], - also see [RFC 3261 section 20.43|] \[SCPP-6859\]
SAP-409: New setting [wiki:ipv6_over_ipv4], allowing to prefer [IPv6|wiki:IP-Adresses - IPv6] over IPv4 with default=on \[SCPP-6380\]
SAP-930: For [wiki:intercom_connect_type] a new value is introduced intercom_connect_type_active_device and the setting efficiency is corrected (desired handset, headset, handsfree are again applied as expected) \[SCPP-7612\]
SAP-1276: New feature code combo-support, for concatenations of a prefix input (can be key programmed with argument number=incomplete, see [wiki:speed]) with BLF key, or SpeedDial, or TransferTo number (e.g. *80+100 dials *80100) \[SCPP-7887\]
SAP-1292: The phone did set the [BLF|wiki:BLF - Busy lamp field] state too early into "Ringing" if the NOTIFY contains the sip.rendering parameter \[SCPP-7898\]
SAP-2629: [New consolidated firmware update|wiki:Firmware Update via Autoprovisioning] for Feature:[Auto Provisioning|wiki:Auto Provisioning], simplifying the 2-step process that required an extra config-file for the firmware download URL
SAP-3251: New setting [wiki:session_timer_refresh_method_force_invite] allowing to define the method used by the [SIP session timer|wiki:session_timer]
SAP-3258: A new dialog in maintenance menu "Sync Settings" supports the user to trigger an ad hoc settings-synchronisation via PUI, see Settings -> Maintenance -> Synchronize Settings
SAP-3412: Phones can now handle the Remote-Party-ID SIP header, - also see [draft-ietf-sip-privacy-00 / 5.1|] and the new setting: [wiki:contact_source_sip_priority] \[SCPP-8793\]
SAP-3413: Improved and extented handling of source for CLI, Caller ID with new setting: [wiki:contact_source_sip_priority] \[SCPP-8792\]
SAP-3443: New support for SNMP OID entPhysicalSerialNum (Snom MAC address), - also see HowTo:[SNMP|wiki:How to SNMP] \[SCPP-8801\]
SAP-3449: New ability to use directory to perform an outgoing call when current active line is configured as [SLA|wiki:user_shared_line]
SAP-3459: New [BLF|wiki:BLF - Busy lamp field] and LineKey auto assignment, see [wiki:fkey_auto_assign_behavior], [wiki:fkey_blf_auto_assign_enable], [wiki:fkey_blf_auto_assign_start], [wiki:fkey_line_auto_assign_enable] and [wiki:fkey_line_auto_assign_start]
SAP-3465: New setting [wiki:keep_provisioning_url_after_reboot] supports to clear or retain [wiki:update_server] (DHCP option 66) and [wiki:update_filename] (DHCP option 67) after a reboot , also see [wiki:DHCP options]
SAP-3537: New option for blind transfer, "release on REFER" if [wiki:release_xferred_call_on] is undefined, to support instant transfers that do not depend on any responses, Note: this also auto-applies for (considered) invalid responses

h2. Improvements and modifications:
SAP-2139: The monitor calls [context-sensitive fkey|wiki:Function keys] (F_DIALOG) can be displayed and does work even if no [BLF|wiki:BLF - Busy lamp field] subscription is active/working
SAP-2601: Improved readability by drawing of list elements in the idle screen with rounded rectangles
SAP-2720: Adjusted display brightness @D717
SAP-3306: If a contact is added using the WUI call history (nameadd= function in the /index.htm) the Display Name is now autofilled into Nickname field when /adr.htm is loaded
SAP-3414: The [XML minibrowser|wiki:Snom XML Minibrowser] does now accept multiple line breaks \[SCPP-8787\]
SAP-3424: Inside directory at contact details the first number that can be dialed is now preselected and the call can be instantly initiated with "OK / checkmark" key
SAP-3470: New default value for [wiki:ntp_server] =
SAP-3483: Added option custom melody for the Alert Internal/External/Group ringer in web-interface (/preferences_audio.htm) \[SCPP-8853\]
SAP-3595: The default value for [wiki:contact_source_sip_priority] is now: PAI RPID FROM to enable out-of-the-box the recently added Remote-Party-ID SIP header support (see SAP-3412 & SAP-3413 above)
SAP-3599: [LDAP|wiki:LDAP Directory] encoding has been improved for strict ASN.1 parser requirements

h2. Corrections:
SAP-281: For the [runtime variable|wiki:Action URLs] $local the local identity username was used (NOK since 8.7.5.x) instead of called number (OK in 8.7.4.x) \[SCPP-6470\]
SAP-308: An %23 (# sign) in the From header was leading the phone to perform a malformed LDAP search request \[SCPP-6825\]
SAP-1059: Reprovisioning the same XML definition was leading to a subscription dialog removal and re-creation \[SCPP-7193\]
SAP-1400: The nickname of directory entries is now shown on incoming call, ringing, connected, disconnected and call history (top level) \[SCPP-7967\]
SAP-2457: The [SLA|wiki:user_shared_line] SUBSCRIBE is now send immediately after the [wiki:user_shared_line] is toggled (on/off)
SAP-2527: When receiving Motion JPEG the transparency of the UI elements is now auto adjusted for all color display models
SAP-3207: For backward compatibility reasons a legacy digest authorization header with "sip:" in the uri tag, is now again available when the new setting [wiki:legacy_digest_auth_behavior] is enabled \[SCPP-8707\]
SAP-3346: When the user was browsing a phone menu, pressing [DND|wiki:dnd_mode] triggered the execution of [Action URL for DND|wiki:action_dnd_on_url] (or DND off) if configured, but the local phones status was not changed to DND (on/off)
SAP-3423: The CallerID and Label for Call pickup using [buttons|wiki:pbx_buttons] was not working \[SCPP-8809\]
SAP-3440: The caller picture / photo-ID wasn't displayed if the image URL contains a plus sign (was not encoded to %2b in the phone's web client request) #Crown
SAP-3466: Phone added whitespaces in the WWW-Authenticate qop parameter with TR-069 protocol, also see HowTo:[Full Endpoint Management|wiki:TR-069 - Full Endpoint Management] \[SCPP-8839\]
SAP-3471: In the phone web user interface (WUI: /index.htm) the call history was always in UTC time, it is now aligned with timezone selected for PUI
SAP-3477: The [XCAP|xcap_server_name] authentication challenge handling was broken, the user was only asked for credentials on first request but not subsequent ones and even not on a 401 Unauthorized
SAP-3489: Sometimes the DTMF-inband-support did stop after approximately 24 days, SIP INFO [wiki:user_dtmf_info] was not affected #Asterisk #3CX \[SCPP-8745\]
SAP-3497: The AOC-D value was covered by other text in connected screen, also see setting: [wiki:aoc_amount_display]
SAP-3510: Any idle-screen-[gui_fkey (1-4)|wiki:Function keys] functionality defined by [XML definition|wiki:XML Definitions] always took precedence/did overlay any context sensitive key on that pos. in other screens, e.g. in call history the details soft key
SAP-3516: In WUI directory (/adr.htm) existing contact entries that have special characters (like ä,ö,ü,ß) were shown (and therefore stored) in encoded form when attempting an edit, (e.g. Maëlle Süß was shown as Ma&#235lle S&#252&#223) \[SCPP-8870\]
SAP-3543: In WUI (/index.htm) it was impossible to change the Outgoing Identity as long as JavaScript support is enabled in users web browser, by JS support the value was always reset to current ID
SAP-3546: In WUI (/fkey.htm) if an fkey is configured with XML definition (Number is filled with XML, but remarkably in encoded form) any additional Apply (manually/auto by JS support) did led to a inoperable fkey (due to kind of a type-reset to Action URL) \[SCPP-8879\]
SAP-3547: In [802.1x EAP-TLS|wiki:Port Authentication via 802.1x - EAP-TLS] (Radius / NPS) environments, the download for WPA configuration .tar file did fail @D735, D717, D335 - Also note the new general default value for [wiki:prov_back_off_timer]=3,6:3600 \[SCPP-8837\]
SCPP-8838: video streaming via MJPEG was not working

h2. Other changes:
SAP-3117: Only valid numbers and valid values will be accepted when entered for SIP, Mobile, Landline, Home, Business, Extension using the phone-user- (PUI) or the web-user-interface (WUI)
SAP-3506: If a desired firmware version for an update is already matching the one running on the phone no update is performed