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I have attempted to look through the documentation for the M300, but I cannot seem to locate any options that would control ring volume based on what kind of call the M300 endpoint is receiving. We have a PBX system with internal extension numbers, when calling the M300 user from other endpoints within the PBX the call rings properly. External calls ring extremely quiet as opposed to the internal calls. Unfortunately I am unable to get my hands on a physical unit at this time, as the user for this phone isn't close by. Is there any insight you can provide into my issue?

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Sawyer Dinzler


Sawyer Dinzler

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  1. Hi,

    Our base stations support different ringtones based on the Alert-Info SIP header as shown below

    Is the differentiated ringtone feature supported on M300, M700, M900

    So you may check that header into the Invite being sent to the base station for internal or external calls.

    But this shouldn't change the volume of the ringtone itself: if this doesn't help please raise a private ticket (or ask your Snom reseller to do so for you) so we can investigate this deeper, we need to see some SIP traces and logs.

    Thank you