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I bought a Snom D785 desk phone as a return shipment. Unfortunately I can't set it up because (even after a factory reset) it's refueled directly over the internet with a new configuration.

Is it possible to delete MAC address from your system? The phone is currently unusable for me.

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ich habe ein Snom D785 Tischtelefon als Versandrückläufer gekauft. Leider kann ich es nicht einrichten, weil es (selbst nach einem Factory-Reset) über das Internet direkt wieder mit einer neuen Konfiguration betankt wird.

Ist es möglich, die MAC-Adresse aus Ihrem System zu löschen? Akutell ist das Telefon für mich nicht benutzbar.

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Fabian Unnewehr

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  1. Hi,

    It's possible for us to delete a MAC but we can only do it via a private ticket on our system, please raise one if you are a Snom partner or ask your Snom reseller to do so for you.

    Thank you

    1. End user Fabian Unnewehr

      Unfortunately, I am neither a SNOM partner nor do I have a SNOM partner. I bought the phone from Amazon. I was hoping you could open a ticket for me directly?

      It's just a MAC address.

  2. Hi,

    We cannot do that as we would need a picture of the MAC on the label as proof and we cannot do so here on the Community.

    The best thing is to contact our sales team, some details below

    Thank you

    1. End user Fabian Unnewehr

      Thanks for the tip. I had on Nov 25 contacted the sales team; the phone was taken out of auto-provisioning and I was able to set it up successfully.