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We have supplied these samples models (D735, D713 & D120) to our client InterContinental Citystars Cairo, as the IT manager of the hotel tested the samples and have issue and sent us a message as follows & attached : -

“Telephones are working but NTP Server is unreachable,  Can't edit NTP setting manually. update time and date done from telephone manually.”

Appreciate your feedback and support so we can go forward with the client accordingly .


ayman amin

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  1. Hi, by default the NTP server are taken from the DHCP server, if the dhcp server does not send a NTP, the default value is used. If you need to manually edit the NTP, you have to delete option 4 and 42 from the DHCP option list on the phone (Reboot required):

    Ater a reboot you can edit the NTP field manually.