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Heya Snom Folks,

ich having a little trouble over here with some Snom Phones and Video Streams from our door intercom systems. The cameras are Baudisch CP.CAM Systems, i've URL's from these Cams ending /jpg/image.jpg or mjpg/video.mjpg work just fine, from my browser and also when i put them on a button with an Action URL on the Phones. But when i put the URL in the action URL field in the address book, nothing happens. Althoug the contact in the adress book is used, if i set a picture there the picture is shown. Any ideas what needs to be done?

Thanks a lot,



Patrick Lenkeit

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  1. Hi Patrick, in the latest firmwares there is a bug for the mjpeg streaming during a call (does not work):

    SAP-5625: The MJPEG support (e.g. for door phone integration) is limited to work correctly only in idle state, but not in Ringing or Connected, - the issue is under investigation.

    → No workaround. Please make sure that you do not use this version if you need MJPEG support for Ringing and/or Connected state

    At the moment I don't know when a fix will be available.

  2. End user Patrick Lenkeit

    Hey Frederico,

    thanks for that! Do you know wich version was the last one with working mjpeg support? Then i'm gonna downgrade to that.