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D865 on snomD865-SIP keeps reporting "Warning: phone has no admin password" but we've configured usernames and passwords everywhere. Any idea?


Ralf Rottmann

End user

Joined: 07.03.2023


  1. Hi, yes there is a "hidden" (not present in the web interface) admin password, you can change it only via provisioning. The setting is:

    <admin_mode_password perm="">1234</admin_mode_password>

    This will be fixed in future firmware release.

    Best regards

    1. End user Ralf Rottmann

      Thanks! How do I set it without changing / breaking any of the other settings which I've already made and what is it for?

  2. Hi, if you have SRAPS, you can add the phone and add only the admin_mode_password parameter. Otherwise, if the phone is under autoprovisioning, add the admin_mode_password to the provisioning template.

    1. End user Ralf Rottmann

      Thanks a lot. Right now, we have manually configured the phones by going through the built-in web interface. How do we resolve the issue?

  3. If you have a SRAPS account, you can add the phone to SRAPS, add the parameter and restart the phone. Otherwise you can create a configuration file with only admin_mode_password inside and use it for the phone provisioning. The last solution is to clear the warning and wait for a future firmware to add the parameter to the web interface.

    1. End user Ralf Rottmann

      Federico Rossi Just to clarify: Do I create an XML file with only that single line in it

      <admin_mode_password perm="">1234</admin_mode_password>

      put it on a server somewhere and point the provisioning URL towards the file?

      Or do I have to create any sort of boilerplate XML around the line? If so, can you probably provide the complete content?

  4. End user Rainer Jakob


    Unfortunately, the problem does not seem to have been solved by a firmware update to date.
    I have installed the firmware version snomD865-SIP on my D865.
    But I get the same warning "Phone has no Admin password".

    Unfortunately, I did not understand the description for the workaround until the firmware update is corrected.
    Is it possible to describe it to me again step by step or send screenshots? 
    Otherwise I don't know exactly where to make this setting. 

    Thanks in advance for your efforts.

    Best regards