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There seems to be an outage for the firmware center.  We can only ping, however can not download any binary files. Is someone already working on it or is there any alternative location where we can get firmwares?


Thomas Barmwater

End user

Joined: 30.08.2023


  1. End user Thomas Barmwater

    Problem seems to be resolved, we  can download .fwu-files again

  2. End user Thomas Barmwater

    oh well, page is down yet again. can snom provide some information why the firmwarecenter  is not stable? I am actually wondering, if it does not make sense to setup a local repository so updates are available during times we are planning to roll them out.

  3. Gold Partner Benoit Courtial


    Same problem for me today.

  4. End user Thomas Barmwater

    Maybe it would be a good idea if snom provides instructions on how to mirror the firmware-archive. it seems the servers are not really stable since at least june. Thats the timeframe i found first community requests. at that time at least someone of snom commented and informed about know issues they are working on, however there was no indication the problems have been resolved since then. seems more like they are still existing

  5. End user silvio silvio


    same problem

  6. Hi,

    Unfortunately I have to confirm we are having issues with our servers, our IT is working on it but this seems to require more work and time than expected.

    If you need to upgrade any base station from our server you can use our backup for now, keeping the same version and branch and just changing the firmware

    Please raise a private ticket if you are a Snom partner, or ask your Snom reseller to do so for you if you need to.

    Thank you