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  • BSV410B4 (base) HSV410B3 (handset)


Release Date: June 2018

To install a new firmware version on a base station and/or handset, please follow the instructions provided in the firmware update guide.

Update via

  • Firmware update server address:
  • Required version: 410
  • Required branch: 4 (for the base M700 and M300)
  • Required branch: 3 (for the handsets M25 M65 M85)

Binaries download

  • M700 SHA-256: 6bf9f57130c8f6c34d137582ad2e1138c05cbeb10db453fdad37f555be4981c2
  • M300 SHA-256: cf3ba9502a98a8a1dc30d4a6180037b05a866265cb02cbe89a405db9d20504b8
  • M85   SHA-256: c0a69fc7d0dc0a598d53ad0d79620b57062b85453609f21ac60634ce4ab1ae83
  • M65   SHA-256: 6c44842436052d98f1c32522b47b9f24227510ebb82bbb3f41761b5b8889df1a
  • M25   SHA-256: e9c46348f04491b9d22af443ff747dfc9ff191ad6fd89c90a548136389085476