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  • How to decrease/increase audio output volume of the PA1


If you connect Speaker to your PA1 the volume is set to default values.

If you want to change the volume, there are different ways to do this.

Change GAIN

  • First i would try to change the Gain Level of your PA1.
  • There are two values, "1" and "0".
  • By default it is set to "1". If this is to loud for you, please change it to "0".
  • To do so, enter the Webinterface of your PA1 (Entering Snom Deskphone Web Interface - WUI)
  • and go to → "Preferences"
  • There you find the Field "Amplifier Gain 1". Here can you change the GAIN Volume.

Change the Volume by simulated keybord commands.

Generaly, it is possible to control every Snom Phone remotly. Especially because of the PA! has no Keyboard it is very necessary to have such a solution to change come deeper configurations.

How you can change settings remotly, you can find into this FAQ Article: Can I control my snom phone remotely.

The Parameters / Settings to change, you can find in every Snom Phone WUI under the Menu Entry : Status/Settings

In this case you would probably like to change the Settings:

  • key_vol_up_remapped!: volume up
  • key_vol_down_remapped!: volume down

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