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I have two D385 with sipgate. Both of them are extremely lagging in daily use. Sometimes when I want to enter a number via the buttons, it can take up to 30 seconds until the display begins to show the numbers. When I receive a call it happens quite often, that even picking up physically takes the phone so long to react, that the call is gone. 

FW is the actual WLAN Dongle is in use. Tried a complete reset and new configuration two times already with no effect.

Any ideas?


Marcus Mattheis

End user

Joined: 08.02.2023


  1. Hi,

    probably is caused by this parameter, please turn it OFF:


    1. End user Marcus Mattheis

      Thank you. Where can I find this in the user interface? I'll give it a try, tough I think it can't be the problem, as the phone is lagging even when I want to enter the settings with the buttons with no call.

  2. Hi, the parameter in the WUI is in:

    Preferences - General (Tab) - Contact Search (Section): QuickLookUp

    1. End user Marcus Mattheis

      Thank you! First I thought it helped (better response for half a day), but then it started again beginning in the call list, then with any other function. Still lagging as before. 

      Any other ideas?

  3. End user Murat Pala

    Hi, my D785 has also been lagging for a few days. It doesn't respond to a single key, not even when the phone is picked up or hung up. After maybe 10 seconds all 
    key presses are carried out. I then performed a firmware update to the latest version. No improvement. It seems to me that there is a hardware defect.
    What can i do?