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  • You have purchased Snom second hand desk phones or have changed your PBX provider and when you start these phones they are configured on an old PBX?
  • You're trying to get into the web interface and if it works you notice that important functions are grayed out and can't be changed?

Background knowledge:

  • If a Snom phone is configured on a PBX, this is done with the unique MAC address and allows the PBX to identify the phone at any time. In addition, a set of information is given to the phone on this occasion, which causes the phone to ask the same PBX every time it is restarted if anything has changed.
  • If the phone does not find its PBX at startup, it first tries to reach the Snom Redirection Server (SRAPS) . PBX partners have the possibility to register the phones managed by themselves in  SRAPS and to configure a link to your PBX. This is mainly done by providers of cloud PBX systems.
  • Please note that your Snom phone can also get a provisioning server using the DHCP option when you boot the phone. So always check your DHCP configuration if you have any of the above problems with your Snom phone.


  • If the Snom desk phone is only registered in an old PBX, but has no entry in SRAPS , it is sufficient to reset your phones to factory defaults. How this works can be found here:  Reset a phone to factory defaults or reset all settings
  • If your phone has an entry in SRAPS ,
    • you must please open a Ticket with the following Informations:
      • the bill of the phones with the MAC-Addresses on it or a photo of the back of the phone in question
      • and the MAC-Addresses in text format.

Attention: Please be aware, that you can ask only for removal from our SRAPS System, if your Phone is running a Firmware Version or higher.