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The XML Minibrowser allows processing custom Snom XML objects which are stored in text files on web servers or directly uploaded to the phone.  This feature can be used for various applications such as creating a custom user menu or temporarily reconfigure phone keys.

The XML Minibrowser is a feature of the standard software delivered with the following Snom phones:

  • D7XX
  • D3XX
  • D1XX
  • Limited support is also available on the Snom M-Series

The following XML Objects are available:

Main Tag NameDescription
SnomIPPhoneText Print text
SnomIPPhoneImage Show a base64 encoded image
SnomIPPhoneImageFile Show an image fetched via a URL
SnomIPPhoneInput Request for input from the user
SnomIPPhoneDirectory Show a phone book
SnomIPPhoneMenu Show a Menu calling other applications

Combine several main tags in one XML data

SnomIPPhoneSilentRun fetch silently (Minibrowser does not open)

To understand how Snom Minibrowser works, knowledge of the following areas are required :

  • Snom phones
  • Basic XML elements (tag and attributes) and XML structure
  • URI (fragment and query) and URL-encoding

With the previous knowledge, a programmer develop Minibrowser applications by following the steps below:

Here are some common rules for writing XML code for the Minibrowser:

  • The XML header is recommended to make sure the XML parser recognizes the encoding
  • The Minibrowser can only load only one object at a time. See SnomIPPhoneBatch for instructions to write multiple objects in one file.
  • The Minibrowser can also load files with php and cgi extension, if these are generating a valid Minibrowser XML file. Don't forget to set the header of the file to the XML type content.
  • To write XML file using characters other than English alphabet, check if the editor encoded the file in utf-8 and that the phone's PUI language supports the characters.
  • The Minibrowser XML parser is not case sensitive, but we recommend to write the opening tag and closing tag with the same character case. Your XML Editor might check the character case.