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The <uploads> tag contains a list of the URLs for uploading new designs onto the phone.

<uploads> tag syntax and use cases

This XML tag can be used in different ways:

  • 1. directly in an xml file (where the uploads tag is used alone)
    On the Snom phone, configure Settings URL to a link to the file similar to uploads.xml below:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
    	<file url="URL" type="TYPE" />
Upload TypeReplaces original snom menu / screenXML File
gui_xml_state_conferenceConference Screenstate_conference.xml

Currently not in use

gui_xml_state_edit_numberDial / Edit Number screenstate_edit_number.xml
gui_xml_state_holdingCurrently not in usestate_holding.xml
gui_xml_state_settingsSettings Menustate_settings.xml
gui_xml_state_settings_preferencesPreferences Menupreferences.xml
gui_xml_state_settings_call_featuresCall Features Menucall_features.xml
gui_xml_state_settings_identityIdentity Menuidentity.xml
gui_xml_state_settings_networkNetwork Menunetwork.xml
gui_xml_state_settings_maintenanceMaintenance Menumaintenance.xml
gui_xml_state_settings_informationInformation Menuinformation.xml
gui_xml_brand_variantBrand Variant Menubrand_variant.xml
gui_xml_contactlistServer-based Contact Listcontact_list.xml
gui_xml_state_multicast_fileMulticast Windowstate_multicast.xml
gui_xml_state_status_message_fileStatus Messages Menustate_status_messages.xml
gui_xml_call_lists_fileCall History Groupscall_lists.xml
gui_xml_call_lists_list_fileCall History Viewcall_lists_list.xml
gui_xml_contact_poolContact Pool Overviewcontact_pool.xml
gui_xml_state_ringtone_fileRingtone Menustate_ringtone.xml
gui_xml_state_addressbook_fileLocal Addressbookstate_addressbook.xml
gui_xml_message_fileMinibrowser Messagemessage.xml
gui_xml_call_lists_detailsDetail View of Call Historycall_lists_details.xml
gui_xml_edit_userEdit User Screenedit_user.xml
gui_xml_templatesTemplate XMLtemplates.xml
gui_xml_presenceBroadsoft ACD Statebroadsoft_acd_state_chooser.xml
gui_xml_broadsoft_acd_state_chooserBroadsoft ACD Statebroadsoft_acd_state_chooser.xml
gui_xml_decisionDecision XMLdecision.xml
gui_xml_login_wizardLogin Wizardlogin_wizard.xml
gui_xml_pkeysFunction Key Configurationpkeys.xml
gui_xml_transfer_setupSmarttransfer Setuptransfer_setup.xml
gui_xml_broadsoft_anywhere_settingsBroadsoft Anywhere Settings Menulocations_settings.xml
gui_xml_remote_office_menuBroadsoft Remote Office Menuremote_office_xsi.xml
gui_xml_voicemail_inbox_listsVoicemail Info Menuvoicemail_inbox_lists_list.xml
gui_xml_broadsoft_anywhere_portalsBroadsoft Anywhere Portalsanywhereportals.xml
gui_xml_simultaneous_ring_menuBroadsoft Simultaneous Ringing Menubroadsoft_simul_ring.xml
gui_xml_contact_details_menuContact Details Menucontact_details_menu.xml
gui_xml_contact_details_xsi_editContact Details XSI Editcontact_details_xsi_edit.xml
gui_xml_demo_modeDemo Mode XMLdemo_mode.xml
gui_xml_action_choiceTransfer or Pickup Menuaction_choice.xml
gui_xml_ad_hoc_conferenceAd Hoc Conference Setupad_hoc_conference.xml
gui_xml_smart_labels_fileSmartLabels Menusmart_labels.xml
gui_xml_preferences_generalGeneral Menupreferences_general.xml
gui_xml_hotel_loginHotel Login XMLhotel_login.xml
gui_xml_call_recordingCall Recordingcall_recording.xml
gui_xml_voicemail_infoVoicemail Info Menuvoicemail_info.xml
gui_xml_conferenceConsult Conference Menuconference.xml
gui_xml_disposition_codeBroadsoft Disposition Code XMLdisposition_code.xml
gui_xml_call_center_statusBroadsoft Call Center Status XMLcall_center_status.xml
gui_xml_call_parkCall Park XMLcall_park.xml
gui_xml_state_idleIdle Screen


gui_xml_broadsoft_anywhere_menuBroadsoft Anywhere Menulocations.xml


gui_xml_webserver_adminWeb Server Admin


gui_xml_identity_d8xxIdentity Menu for D8xx


gui_xml_ip_settingsIP Settings


  • 2. inside the <settings> tag
    On the Snom phone, configure Settings URL to a link to the file similar to settings.xml below:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <phone_name perm="R">MonTelephone</phone_name>
            <file url="URL" type="TYPE" />

    This scenario is used for simple provisioning, where different settings must be provisioned to the phone as well as the design customisation

  • 3. directly in an xml file (where the uploads tag is used alone), which is added to the phone through a setting-files container
    On the Snom phone, you can configure Settings URL to a file similar to files.xml below. The file files.xml is a Setting files container file, meaning that it can contain links to uploads.xml and as well to other setting files. The files.xml looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <!--Link to the uploads file-->
      <file url="http://yourserver/uploads.xml" />
      <!--Links to other setting files-->
      <file url="http://yourserver/some_other_settings_file.xml" />

    File http://yourserver/uploads.xml is the uploads file with the syntax as explained in section 1. above

    This scenario is used for advanced provisioning, where other different setting files must be provisioned to the phone as well as the new design

Using the URL and TYPE parameters

  • URL = The URL of the customization tarball file (*.tar) to be uploaded onto the phone
  • TYPE =
    • following miscellaneous customization options:
      • gui: allows replacing the default Phone User Interface background images and icons by customized ones, see Branding below
      • web: allows replacing the default Web User Interface images and stylesheets by customized ones, see Branding below
      • font: allows replacing the default snom821,snom760, and snom870 Phone User Interface font by customized ones, see fonts (from V8.7.2 onwards)
      • defaults: allows replacing the default configuration parameter values by customized values, see Factory Defaults below
      • license: allows replacing the current phone license with a new license to enable additional features. The license will be ignored if it's not valid (e.g. not matching the mac address of the phone) (from V8.7.2)
      • moh: allows uploading a local music on hold file (RAW PCMU 20ms) (from V8.7.3.7)
      • qml: allows replacing the default snom870 QML description. (from V8.7.4 onwards)

    • following allow replacing the default behaviour of the respective PUI state which is specified via XML:
      • gui_xml_state_settings: allows replacing the default Phone User Interface Menu by a customized menu, see PUI Menu
      • gui_xml_addperson: (from V8.4.1)
      • gui_xml_contactlist: (from V8.4.1, file contact_list.xml): used for displaying contacts, for example the LDAP contacts list within the directory function
      • gui_xml_state_conference: state conference (from V8.4.1)
      • gui_xml_state_details: state details (from V8.4.1, file details.xml)
      • gui_xml_state_holding: state holding (from V8.4.1)
      • gui_xml_state_multicast: state multicast part 1 (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_state_multicast_file: state multicast part 2 (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_state_status_message_file: (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_call_lists_file: (from V8.7.2.14, call_lists.xml)
      • gui_xml_call_lists_list_file: (from V8.7.3.2, file call_lists_list.xml)
      • gui_xml_contact_pool: (from V8.7.2.14, file contact_pool.xml)
      • gui_xml_message_file: (from V8.7.2.14, file message.xml): used for displaying call messages (for example "Call disconnected") or other Information. In version 10.x, this can be customized only for phones that don't have the color user interface
      • gui_xml_call_lists_details: (from V8.7.2.14, file call_lists_details.xml)
      • gui_xml_edit_user: (from V8.7.2.14, file edit_user.xml)
      • gui_xml_templates: (from V8.7.2.14, file templates.xml)
      • gui_xml_presence: (from V8.7.3.2 until V8.7.3.18/V8.7.4.6) -> since V8.7.3.18/V8.7.4.6 changed to "gui_xml_broadsoft_acd_state_chooser"
      • gui_xml_broadsoft_acd_state_chooser: (from V8.7.3.18/V8.7.4.6, file broadsoft_acd_state_chooser.xml)
      • gui_xml_decision: (from V8.7.3.2, file decision.xml)
      • gui_xml_login_wizard: (from V8.7.4 onwards)
      • gui_xml_pkeys: (from V8.7.3.7 onwards, file pkeys.xml)
      • gui_xml_ucmenu: (from V8.7.5.16/V8.8.3.28 onwards)
      • gui_xml_state_settings_preferences (file preferences.xml)
      • gui_xml_state_settings_call_features (file call_features.xml)
      • gui_xml_state_settings_identity (file identity.xml)
      • gui_xml_state_settings_network (file network.xml)
      • gui_xml_state_settings_maintenance (file maintenance.xml)
      • gui_xml_state_settings_information (file information.xml)
      • gui_xml_state_ringtone_file     
      • gui_xml_transfer_setup (file transfer_setup.xml)
      • gui_xml_remote_office_menu (file remote_office_xsi.xml)
      • gui_xml_simultaneous_ring_menu (file broadsoft_simul_ring.xml)
      • gui_xml_voicemail_inbox_lists (file voicemail_inbox_lists_list.xml)
      • gui_xml_broadsoft_anywhere_settings (file locations_settings.xml)
      • gui_xml_broadsoft_anywhere_portals (file anywhereportals.xml)
      • gui_xml_contact_details_menu (file contact_details_menu.xml)
      • gui_xml_contact_details_xsi_edit (file contact_details_xsi_edit.xml)
      • gui_xml_demo_mode (file demo_mode.xml)
      • gui_xml_action_choice (file action_choice.xml)
      • gui_xml_state_edit_number (file state_edit_number.xml)
      • gui_xml_state_addressbook_file
      • gui_xml_ad_hoc_conference (file ad_hoc_conference.xml)

      • gui_xml_smart_labels_file

      • gui_xml_preferences_general (file preferences_general.xml)

      • gui_xml_hotel_login (file hotel_login.xml)

      • gui_xml_call_recording (file call_recording.xml)

      • gui_xml_voicemail_info

      • gui_xml_conference (file conference.xml)

Since version all the original mentioned files can be found inside the "Customisation archive file" released along with the firmware, so please refer to the firmware download page in our: Firmware Update Center.

The following attributes are allowed:

  • e="2" defines that unicode-values inside xml-escapes (e.g. & # 6 4 ;) may be greater than 255.

Customizable xml files syntax

The customizable xml files are in Snom XML Minibrowser format. See XML Minibrowser for details regarding their syntax.


Branding - phone menu design (images, icons etc)

See Branding Snom Deskphones

Factory-default settings

To change default settings create a XML file e.g. default.xml with the settings which you want to change and copy it onto your Web (HTTP) Server, i.e. http://yourwebserver/default.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <webserver_type perm="">off</webserver_type>

Now create a second XML file e.g. uploads.xml and load it via webinterface/advanced/update/Setting URL:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <file url="http://yourwebserver/default.xml" type="defaults" />

Note: The changes will take effect after reset

Phone menu content

See this How To for changing the content of the phone menu

Phone menu fonts

1. See this How To for creating a new font.tar

2. Create a XML file, e.g. fonts.xml with the content as below, and load it via web user interface --> Advanced --> Update --> Setting URL:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
  <file url="http://yourwebserver/fonts.tar" type="font" />