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The <uploads> tag contains a list of the URLs for uploading new designs onto the phone (For further description please see the detailed article: Phone Customization )


This XML tag can be used either

  • inside the <settings> tag or

     <file url=URL type=TYPE /> 
  • as an individual XML file whose URL is listed inside <setting-files> tag

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
     <file url=URL type=TYPE /> 

Old configuration < fw


  • URL = The URL of the customization tarball file (*.tar) to be uploaded onto the phone
  • TYPE =
    • following miscellaneous customization options:
      • gui: allows replacing the default Phone User Interface background images and icons by customized ones, see Branding Snom Deskphones
      • web: allows replacing the default Web User Interface images and stylesheets by customized ones, see Branding Snom Deskphones
      • font: allows replacing the default snom821,snom760, and snom870 Phone User Interface font by customized ones.
      • defaults: allows replacing the default configuration parameter values by customized values
      • license: allows replacing the current phone license with a new license to enable additional features. The license will be ignored if it's not valid (e.g. not matching the mac address of the phone) (from V8.7.2)
      • parammap: allows replacing TR-069 parameter map
      • moh: allows uploading a local music on hold file (RAW PCMU 20ms) (from V8.7.3.7)
      • qml: allows replacing the default snom870 QML description. (from V8.7.4 onwards)
    • following allow replacing the default behaviour of the respective PUI state which is specified via XML:
      • gui_xml_state_settings: allows replacing the default Phone User Interface Menu by a customized menu
      • gui_xml_addperson: (from V8.4.1)
      • gui_xml_contactlist: (from V8.4.1)
      • gui_xml_state_conference: state conference (from V8.4.1)
      • gui_xml_state_details: state details (from V8.4.1)
      • gui_xml_state_holding: state holding (from V8.4.1)
      • gui_xml_state_multicast: state multicast part 1 (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_state_multicast_file: state multicast part 2 (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_state_status_message_file: (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_call_lists_file: (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_call_lists_list_file: (from V8.7.3.2)
      • gui_xml_contact_pool: (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_message_file: (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_call_lists_details: (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_edit_user: (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_templates: (from V8.7.2.14)
      • gui_xml_presence: (from V8.7.3.2 until V8.7.3.18/V8.7.4.6) -> since changed to "gui_xml_broadsoft_acd_state_chooser"
      • gui_xml_broadsoft_acd_state_chooser: (from V8.7.3.18/V8.7.4.6)
      • gui_xml_decision: (from V8.7.3.2)
      • gui_xml_login_wizard: (from V8.7.4 onwards)
      • gui_xml_pkeys: (from V8.7.3.7 onwards)
      • gui_xml_ucmenu: (from V8.7.5.16/V8.8.3.28 onwards)
      • gui_xml_custom: (from V10.1.73.16 onwards)

Since version all the original mentioned files can be found in the "Customisation archive file" released along with the firmware, so please refer to the Firmware Update Center.

The following attributes are allowed:

  • e="2" defines that unicode-values inside xml-escapes (e.g. & # 6 4 ;) may be greater than 255.

Since version a new file type is supported in XML <uploads> tag: gui_xml_custom This allows to upload a custom XML without the need to replace an existing one. Basically the phone can host the custom XML-"app" without the need to store it on a server.
The phone can access to the stored file using the URL: file:///xml/gui/custom_minibrowser.xml


Branding Snom Deskphones

Create a XML file, e.g. branding.xml and copy it onto your Web (HTTP) Server, i.e. http://yourwebserver/branding.xml :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <file url="http://yourwebserver/branding/snom820_mypuidesign.tar" type="gui" /> 

Factory Defaults

To change default settings create a XML file e.g. default.xml with the settings which you want to change and copy it onto your Web (HTTP) Server, i.e. http://yourwebserver/default.xml :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <webserver_type perm="">off</webserver_type>

Now create a second XML file e.g. uploads.xml and load it via webinterface/advanced/update/Setting URL:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <file url="http://yourwebserver/default.xml" type="defaults" />
Note: The changes will take effect after reset

PUI Menu

  1. See this How To for creating a new "state_stettings.xml".
  2. Create another XML file, e.g. menu.xml and load it via WUI --> Advanced --> Update --> Setting URL:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
      <file url="http://yourwebserver/state_settings.xml" type="gui_xml_state_settings" />

PUI fonts

  1. See this How To for creating a new font.tar
  2. Create a XML file, e.g. fonts.xml and load it via  WUI --> Advanced --> Update --> Setting URL:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
      <file url="http://yourwebserver/fonts.tar" type="font" />