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IP t telephphonyy (shoshortt foor Internet Protoccol t telephphonyy andand Internet telephphonyy) or Voice over IP (shoshort VoIPt; from "from"voice over internet protocol" "), is telephphonyy ovover computomputer networksworks whihich ar are set up set up according tocording to Internet standards. Typicalal iinformation for t for telepholephonyy, i.e. vo.e. voice aand concontrol ol information for for estabtablishihingg a coconnnectctioon, iss transmitnsmitted via a dad via a datatra nnetwoworkk. ForFor callcall paartiticipapants,ts, ccomputerss, ttelephphone terminals terminals speccialised ed inn IP tIP telephphonyy or cclassic ttelephphoness connconnectedcted viavia specciaal aadapterss ccan estabtabliishh ththe coconnecctioion.

IP t telephphonyy is aa ttechnologyy thatthat makmakes it possiblit possible to i to impplemenement ththe ttelephphone serviceervice onon IP i infrastruccture so ththatt it can rt can replacplace ththe convconventionantional ttelephphone e technology includy includingng ISDN aand all ccomponents.
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