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Snom has been offering classroom training in many countries around the world for many years. However, these classroom trainings could by no means cover the demand, which led us to the idea to found our own training academy, the Snom Academy.

Here our partners can study numerous courses free of charge and receive badges for each one. These badges can be used by our partners for their own public web/mail presence, among other things. Furthermore, by collecting specific badges, they can obtain the higher-level SCT badges (Snom Certified Technician) for "DECT" and "Deskphone" as well as prepare for our highest certifications (SCE).

For whom is the Snom Academy intended?

The Snom Academy was primarily created to support our partners in the best possible way, and it is complete free, except of the SCE-Training .

  • Reseller
  • Distributors
  • ITSPs
  • Training institutions that deal with VoIP.

What does the Snom Academy offer to me?

  1. Introduction:
    The Snom Academy offers our partners the opportunity to train on various topics. For the successful completion of a course, you will receive a badge, valid for 2 years.

    Besides the educational effect, you can use the acquired badges for marketing purposes during the validity period of 2 years. For this, you can use them anywhere in your online media, such as your website, social media platforms and your email. In addition, your acquired or proven qualifications (through the badges), will be included in the referral of clients when they submit requests for partners to us.

    1. For example, we offer our Product Training (SPT).

    2. Some basics courses on the topics: SIP, Network and VoIP.
    3. But also a variety of courses on the subject of DECT solutions.
      • In the DECT segment you will learn many details worth knowing about the setup of a DECT multicell and the connection of handsets, how to correctly illuminate a multicell and how to find and fix errors. Of course, we also cover the topic of provisioning in the DECT environment.

    4. And of course we also offer a variety of courses on the subject of desk phones.
      • In the desk phone segment you will learn among other things how to connect a phone and various extensions, how to do it correctly with provisioning, how to find errors and how to make the installation safe.

  2. Snom Certified Technician (SCT)
    As a Snom Partner, you can obtain the  Snom Certified Technician (SCT) certification free of charge in two categories: Deskphones and DECT

    1. You receive the SCT certification when you have successfully completed all the courses of the SCT "program" for the corresponding certification. For this, you have to collect a certain number of badges.

      For example:

  3. You can obtain Snom Certified Engineer (SCE) certification
    1. You can obtain the SCE certification when you successfully complete the SCE training, online or on-site in a classroom training.

How do I get access to the Snom Academy?

  • Anyone can register independently via our website:
  • However, each registration is checked and approved manually.
  • This learning platform is not yet open to end customers at this time.