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IPV6 addresses - transition technologies to IPV4 and Directaccess


2001 :: 1

Teredo: Tunneling IPv6 over UDP through Network Address Translations (NATs). The protocol defines a method for accessing the IPv6 network behind a NAT device. IPv6 packets are encapsulated with the UDP via IPv4. This is done with the help of so-called Teredo servers.


2001 :: 5EFE

ISATAP: stands for "Inter Site Automatic Tunneling Address Protocol". It is used to "encapsulate" IPv6 packets into IPv4 packets, i.e. to provide them with an IPv4 header so that IPv6 packets can be sent over a normal IPv4 infrastructure.

6 TO 4

2002 :: 1

6to4: is a tunnl mechanism on the Internet to transport IPv6 packets over IPv4. With 6to4, each IPv4 address is mapped to a /48 IPv6 network. The IPv6 address is made up of the prefix 2002 and the hexadecimal IPv4 address.