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Configuration files are the containers for a subset of configuration parameters (“Settings”). They are UTF-8 XML coded, and can be apply to a specific phone type and/or a specific MAC address.


Used Parameters

File format

The files should be written in the UTF-8 XML format. They can be segmented into the following tags:


Each of these tags can be stored as individual XML files, or within the <settings>-tag.

Example of a simple configuration file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <language perm="">English</language>
    <setting_server perm="R">{mac}</setting_server>
    <timezone perm="">ITA+1</timezone>
    <user_active idx="1" perm="RW">on</user_active>
    <user_realname idx="1" perm="R">John Doe - 401</user_realname>
    <user_name idx="1" perm="">401</user_name>
    <user_host idx="1" perm=""></user_host>
    <user_active idx="2" perm="RW">on</user_active>
    <user_realname idx="2" perm="R">Artur Black - 500</user_realname>
    <user_name idx="2" perm="">500</user_name>
    <user_host idx="2" perm=""></user_host>

Example of a more extensive configuration file for a German user including address book entries & function keys : D385-firmware.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

		<!-- General settings, e.g. localisation and update policy --> 
		<phone_name perm="R">Snom-D385</phone_name> <!-- hostname of the phone. If set, the hostname is used to sign syslog packages and as the title of the WUI -->
		<language perm="">Deutsch</language>
		<web_language perm="">Deutsch</web_language>
		<date_us_format perm="">off</date_us_format>
		<dialnumber_us_format perm="">off</dialnumber_us_format>

		<!-- SIP identity settings. As config files contain sensible data such as user names and passwords in plaintext, please always make sure they are sent over a secure network connection -->

		<user_name idx="1" perm="">1004</user_name> <!-- SIP account user name -->
		<user_pass idx="1">8LmxdmZdv4FW62PC</user_pass> <!-- SIP account password. Please always use strong passwords -->
		<user_host idx="1"></user_host> <!-- SIP registrar -->
		<user_realname idx="1">D385</user_realname> <!-- display name of the registered identity -->
		<user_active idx="1">on</user_active> <!-- Enables the SIP account -->
		<!-- Security settings for admin mode and Web User Interface --> 

		<admin_mode_password perm="">PmQYQHrLd6Q47fP3</admin_mode_password> <!-- Please always use strong passwords -->
		<http_user perm="">snom</http_user>
		<http_pass perm="">NsYdZMkdf4MbGfVh</http_pass> <!-- Please always use strong passwords -->

	<!-- Here we define the functions and values of the fkeys on the phone --> 

	<functionKeys e="2">
		<fkey idx="1" context="active" label="Meier" lp="on" default_text="$name" perm="">blf sip:1001@;user=phone</fkey> <!-- fkey monitoring line 1001 -->
		<fkey idx="2" context="active" label="Müller" lp="on" default_text="$name" perm="">blf sip:1002@;user=phone</fkey> <!-- fkey monitoring line 1002 -->
		<fkey idx="3" context="active" label="Schulze" lp="on" default_text="$name" perm="">blf sip:1003@;user=phone</fkey> <!-- fkey monitoring line 1003 -->
		<fkey idx="5" context="active" label="" lp="on" default_text="$name" perm="">keyevent F_REDIAL</fkey> <!-- fkey with function show last dialled numbers -->
	<!-- Phone directory entries locally stored on the phone -->
	<tbook e="2">
		<item context="active" type="none" fav="false" mod="true" index="0"><name>Meier</name><number>1001</number><number_type>extension</number_type><birthday>00.00.99</birthday></item>
		<item context="active" type="none" fav="false" mod="true" index="1"><name>Müller</name><number>1002</number><number_type>extension</number_type><birthday>00.00.99</birthday></item>
		<item context="active" type="none" fav="false" mod="true" index="2"><name>Schulze</name><number>1003</number><number_type>extension</number_type><birthday>00.00.99</birthday></item>

Permission Flags

It is recommended to write-protect those parameters that are crucial for the correct functioning of the phone, e.g. SIP registrar and user credentials.