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The Web User Interface (WUI) is a web page based configuration interface that every Snom phone includes.

In the WUI you can make the most important settings related to the phone. You can also access various logs and even start a PCAP (Wireshark compatible file) recording.


How do I enter the web user interface?

Access levels

The WUI of Snom deskphones have two user levels. The User and Admin levels. If you unpack and connect a phone after purchase, no access data is stored yet and you have full access as admin immediately. You will be asked to enter an HTTP and an admin password. From this moment on you must use a password to log in. The SIP credentials are identical to the user credentials. As soon as you connect the phone to a PBX, it is usually provisoned and the "admin mode" is usually deactivated. As a result, you will only see a limited view of the WUI after login. To enter the admin mode you have to go to the menu item "Advanced" and enter the admin password.

  • User
    As a user, only a very limited selection of configuration options is available to you. Here you can configure things like the background of the Phone, the web and phone language and some other things. However, you cannot change any system-relevant settings.
  • Admin
    In Admin Mode you have full access of course.

Do not forget to save

Important note, so that changed data is not lost after the restart, you must not only press the button at the bottom of each dialog of the WUI, but also the highlighted button at the top of the WUI. The save button at the bottom is used for temporary saving. The save button at the top of the WUI saves the changes for permanent use.


Please keep in mind with all changes, the telephone system (PBX) always has the last word. So if you configure a setting that has been configured differently by the PBX, this change will only last until the next restart of the phone. Even if you have pressed the Save button at the top of the screen, any changes that are "touched" by the PBX will be overwritten during provisioning.