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Determining the IP address of your DECT M-Series base

When the DECT M-Series base station is started, it is usually assigned an IP address by the DHCP server. (Usually a real server, but can also be a Fritzbox.)

Step-by-step procedure

  1. To determine the IP address of your DECT M-Series base station, it is best to use a suitable handset (M25,M65,M70,M80,M85) and set it to discovery mode.

    To do this, after the desired base has started for a few minutes, press on the handset that is switched on "Menu" followed by the keys: *47* .

    Note: Stay close to the base station (2-3m) to start the search.
  2. Use the up/down cursor to select the base MAC address for the base station.

  3. Select the desired base station.

  1. Open a browser and enter the URL of your snom phone.(e.g.

  2. You will now be asked for a username and password. Please use the following default values.

    Try the default values:
    login name ="admin"
    password ="admin"

Depending on your PBX, the credentials may be different,  if the PBX has already provisioned the access data at startup.

If this does not work,here can you find how you can reset your Base to factory settings .