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To use the Snom DECT M-SC series handsets, you need to register them on a DECT base. In the following, we will show you how to register the M15 SC handsets on the M200 SC base.

Please note that even though the process is quite simple, it is necessary to follow the procedure carefully in order to achieve success quickly.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Place the handset (M15 SC) in its charging cradle for at least a few seconds. It is best to pair fully charged handsets. It is often possible to pair the handsets without this first step, but since the handsets that are not paired very quickly switch to a power saving mode in which pairing is impossible, it makes sense to get the handsets out of this mode by placing them in the charging cradle.

  2. Take the M15 SC out of the charging cradle.

  3.  Press or on the handset. The Main Menu appears
  4.  Press to scroll to User settings and press or .

  5.  Press ,  to scroll to Registration and press or .

  6.  On the M200 SC base, press the silver paging button on the front of the base for 4 seconds. Both LEDs on the base will immediately start flashing in sync. The base is now in register mode.

  7. Press NEXT on the handset and then press the hash key (#).

  8. If pairing was successful, a confirmation tone will sound from the handset and the word "Registered" will appear on the display. The LEDs on the base stop flashing.

  • If the registration failed (you will be prompted to enter the pin code instead), place it in the charging cradle for a few seconds. Then take it out and repeat the registration from step 1. 

  • To take the base out of register mode, press the paging key once briefly.