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Please check in advance that your phone has the latest stable firmware version installed.


There are two ways to set up your Snom device, manually or via "provisioning". Provisioning offers different ways, the most common of which is via the PBX and the also quite common way is via our "SRAPS" server.

In this section, we will look at the manual way.

Configure M200 SC manually

  • Enter Snom Webinterface
    • To set up the M200 SC manually, you first need to open the web interface in a browser and log in with the default credentials.

    • To access the base, enter the IP address of the base into your internet browser (e.g. You will find detailed instructions on how to do this in the following article: click here.

  • Connecting a handset
  • Setup a Server Connection

Configuring the M200 SC via Provisioning

    • You can read instructions on how to configure a device via SRAPS in the following article: Endpoint Management - Phones

    • When using SRAPS provisioning M200 device require minimum configuration otherwise config will not be accepted.

      • Required fields:
        • Display name
        • Enable SIP account
        • Primary SIP server address
        • SIP account label
        • SIP authentication access password
        • SIP authentication name
        • SIP registration server address
        • SIP user ID

Connecting a handset

  • Pairing handsets

  • Rename Handset

    • In order to better distinguish the handsets from each other, it is possible to change the name. This name will be shown on the display of the handset.
    • To do so, navigate in the web interface of the M215 SC to the menu item "System" and then to "Handset Name".

Server connection

  • Setting up accounts

    • Unlike the DECT M series devices, the account information of the M SC series devices is not divided into server and SIP extension. For the M SC bases, a separate account is created for each phone number. Which handset responds to which number can be read in the next section. Of course, the number assignment also depends on the number you have assigned to the account in your PBX.

    • To configure the Snom M200/215 SC to connect to your PBX, please follow the steps below:
      • First select the menu item "System" at the top of the navigation:
        • Select "Account 1" and activate it by checking the box "Enable Account".
        • Fill out the marked fields.
          • Account label = This is only the name of the account. It appears as "Line name" under "Line" in the Handset.
          • Display Name = The Display Name is the text part of the Caller ID that is displayed for outgoing calls with Account x.
          • User Identifier = The User ID, also known as Account ID, is a SIP URI field used for SIP registration. Do not enter the host name (for example, ""). The WebUI automatically adds the default host name.
          • Authentication Name = This should be the same name as the username in the PBX you are using. (If authentication on the server is enabled, enter the Authentication Name (or Authentication ID) for authentication with the server)
          • Authentication Password = Here the same "password" as in the PBX you are using goes in here.
          • Server Address und Server Address =  Here you enter the "Registrar", either the "IP address/ URL" of your PBX.
          • Voice = Default RTP port range have range from 18 000 to 19 000. If this value needs to be changed, we need to keep the 1000 ports difference between minimum and maximum value.
      • Save it at the bottom of the page.

    • The first handset should now work.

Assign account to handset

    • In the web interface of the M215 SC you can also set which handset should respond to which number. To do this, navigate to the menu item "System" and then to "Account Assignments".