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Our DECT multi-cell system is designed to have the controlling unit running on any of the installed base stations. All configuration is shared among the bases. So, if any base shuts down, the multi-cell cluster remains alive and working.

There are two methods to share the multi-cell configuration among the base stations: Multicast or Peer-to-Peer.

The Multicast method is the default and preferred one. If possible Use Peer-to-Peer only as  temporarily workaround.


The default setup is Multicast. In general, this doesn't need to be changed. It allows an automatic distribution among all installed base stations, and avoids a single point-of-failure situation.


There can be reasons why the data-sync method needs to be changed to Peer-to-Peer. E.g. if you are running the DECT multi-cell in a network where you are not allowed to use Multicast or it is filtered. This would cause a multi-cell status message like the one below:

Let's see how to configure Peer-to-Peer configuration:

  1. Find out the IP address of your Primary Base Station.
  2. Go to the web user interface of the Primary Base Station.
  3. Go to menu item Multicell and configure the Data Sync option to Peer-to-Peer mode. 
  4. You will be asked to name the Primary Data Sync IP address. Enter the IP address of your Primary base station.
  5. Apply Save and Reboot

Repeat these steps for every base in the multi-cell cluster.

After some minutes you will see your multi-cell cluster up and running as shown:

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