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On the Central Directory page, select LDAP from the drop-down menu of Location to open the LDAP server menu. After saving your input, you may want to reboot the base station to make sure that the changes take effect.


  • Server: IP address of the LDAP server
  • Port: Server port for LDAP
  • Sbase: This setting specifies the LDAP search base (the distinguished name of the search base object) which corresponds to the location in the directory from which the LDAP search is requested to begin. The criteria depend on the configuration of the LDAP server.
  • LDAP Filter: LDAP name filter is the search criteria for name look-ups. The format of the search filter is compliant to the standard string representations of LDAP search filters (RFC 2254). The default value is blank.
  • Bind: Specifies the bind "username" for LDAP servers when the handset connects to the server. If the server allows anonymous binds, you can leave the setting blank.
  • Password: Specifies the bind "password" for LDAP servers. If the server allows anonymous binds, you can leave the setting blank.
  • Virtual Lists: If your LDAP server does not support server-side result pagination and sorting (VLV extension), select "disabled" from the drop-down list.

  • Handset identity settings.
    • Name: Select the LDAP name attribute from the drop-down menu. The options are cn and sn+givenName. The default setting is cn.
    • LDAP number attributes: The attributes telephoneNumber, mobile, and homephone are preset.