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The central directory is accessible from all handsets registered at the same base station or in the same multicell installation. The central directory can be a phone list downloaded to the base station or an external source like the company LDAP register.

It is not possible to add, delete, or edit central directory entries - whether downloaded or on an external source - on the base station's web interface or on the handsets.

Snom DECT M300,M700,M900 supports the following central directories:

  • Local
  • LDAP Server
  • XML Server

Read the detailed instructions in the manual here:


The Local Central Directory is a central directory providing contacts which are stored on the DECT base itself.

For more informations about the Local central directory please visit this article.

LDAP Server

The LDAP Server Central Directory allows to configure all the LDAP-specific settings in order to perform searches against an LDAP server.

For more informations about the LDAP central directory please visit this article.

XML Server

The XML Server Central Directory is specific for Broadsoft server type, this type of address book uses a Broadsoft proprietary API named XSI to access the directories.