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Release Date: 08 January 2024

Important Note: 

  • Please make sure you read ALL of the information below before installing the software on your device.
  • Please install and test the software in your environment before mass deployment.
  • We encourage you to read and follow our security advisories.


Changes since release version 1.11.3

New features:

#MCP-4420: Support automatic resync with Remote XML directory

M500 will automatically fetch entries from all enabled Remote XML directories during bootup.

User can also enable automatic resync on a periodic interval via the new parameter remoteDir.xml_resync_interval.


Sets the interval (in minutes) for the base station to automatically update the XML directory. To disable automatic updates, set the value to 0.

Contacts → Remote XML → Resync IntervalN/A0-655350

Improvements and Modifications:

#MCP-5037: Allow user to configure any account for association with XSI directory access

Instead of using per cordless device's default account as the account for accessing XSI directory, we've added a new parameter xsi.directory_account to enable user to select per site which account to be used for directory access. All handsets/desksets within the site will access the XSI directory with account configured with parameter xsi.directory_account.


Select the XSI account to be used for cordless handset/deskset to access XSI directory.

Contacts → Broadsoft → Broadsoft Directory → XSI Directory AccountN/A1-481

On the WUI page: CONTACTS → Broadsoft, the account selector will be used for configuring xsi.directory_account as well as the selector for the subsequent fields to configure xsi.x.directories for enabling/disabling directory lists.

#MCP-5074: Expand single cell capacity to have up to 10 localized handsets/desksets

In single cell mode:

  • Up to 10 handsets/desksets can be localized for narrowband.
  • Up to 5 handsets/desksets can be localized for wideband.

In dual cell mode:

  • Up to 8 handsets/desksets can be localized for narrowband.
  • Up to 4 handsets/desksets can be localized for wideband.

#MCP-5161: Add an option to disable call waiting alert tone

Added a "Tone off" option on M5x PUI Call features → Call waiting. Thus, we now have the following 3 options: On, Off and Tone off.

Incoming call waiting behavior for "Tone off" is identical to "On" except that the call waiting tone is muted.

Call features → Call waiting remains as setting local to M5x. i.e. this is not applicable to WUI and provisioning. 

#MCP-5219: Revise parameters' index range for number of bases for dual-cell support

System capacity for dual-cell support:

  • Maximum number of supported bases is 2.
  • Maximum number of supported cordless handsets/desksets is 16.

Affected parameters with base index (x):

Note that although our cordless index (x) for the following parameters is kept at 48 for both Cordless Registrations WUI page and provisioning, the system only supports a maximum of 16 devices. 

#MCP-5272: Proper UI handling when dialing from a directory entry with a '+' sign ( abbreviation for international prefix)

The M500 is now able to handle the '+' prefix on directory entries.  

Handset/deskset will display '+' sign if it exists in any directory number. M500 dials out with '+' sign, handset/deskset displays '+' sign, and Call History shows '+' sign.

Other Improvements and Modifications

#MCP-4883Update language translation of M500 text strings
#MCP-4909Supports up to 8 conference call for single base operation.
#MCP-5156DECT PP - Avoid unnecessary cell switching or location registration


#MCP-4786: WebUI Rename Site-Wide Settings page

The M500 WebUI page Servicing > Site-Wide Settings page is currently displaying both site-wide and local parameters. 

Renamed the link and page title from Site-wide Settings to Settings to indicate the settings are both site-wide and local.

Other corrections



Corrected audio issues involving call handover scenarios between M55/M58 localized to different bases.
#MCP-4324Correct DECT busy monitoring status in a few basic call and handover scenarios.

Call cannot be resumed if it is held by a cordless device localized to a secondary base on IPv6


Incorrect TR-369 event notification for SIP account status change.


Flush NAT table on primary base to eliminate any audio routing issues caused by stale NAT entries.

#MCP-4812Improve the stability of over-the-air software update to cordless devices.
#MCP-4822One way audio as a result of not handling asymmetric codec payload type correctly.
#MCP-4823Improve compatibility to iLBC codec by fixing our codec offering to iLBC20.


When M55/M58 was on a call, it failed to respond "Busy here" to the far end caller when user rejected the call waiting call. 


M55/M58 localized to a secondary base failed to be deregistered via the phone menu.


DND/CFA/CFNA status indication via server-side feature sync was not correct on M55/M58 localized to secondary base.


Set TLS transport on one account causes all other UDP accounts to use TLS.


Connection lost with TR-369 server when attempted to perform packet capture "Start", "Stop" or "Upload" function.


Call status displayed 'Ended' on PFK Line key when call was put on Hold on M58. Call was properly put on hold but indication on the key was wrong.


Handset Status became unavailable after handset powers off and base reboots.


Base Status became unavailable after secondary base reboots.


With 2 concurrent incoming calls on shared line (KLE) on multiple PPs, users on each PP attempt to answer the call at the same time. Some PPs return to idle screen unexpectedly after answering the incoming call.


M500 Paging call pagee show intercom call without far end No.


Turning M55/M58 Silent Ringer "on" via PFK did not silent incoming call ringer. 


Numerous simultaneous incoming calls to the M58 can cause it to temporarily go out of range.


M55/M58 as a conference host lost audio with the remaining party after one party ended the call.


If a user answered an incoming call during a conference call hosted on M55/M58, the conference call cannot be resumed after the user ended the incoming call.


Provisioning could be missed if DHCP was delayed.


PFK LED was in a wrong state after an incoming was answered during Transfer call setup.


xsi.x.check_certificate parameter is not mapped to WUI's "Only accept trusted certificate" checkbox


No firmware upgrade on the secondary base if "only accept trusted certificates" was enabled.


Handset still retained the previous index when register after the system is factory defaulted.


Intercom List did not list out all registered M55/M58 if they are registered manually.

Parameter Changes:

The following configuration file parameters have been introduced or modified in 1.12.2.

M500 Pro base station

File NameFile sizeSHA 256 ChecksumFile name

54.4 MB


M55, M56 handset

File NameFile sizeSHA 256 ChecksumSupported languageFile name MB


English, French, French (CA), Spanish, Spanish (MX), German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Polish

M58 deskset

File NameFile sizeSHA 256 ChecksumSupported languageFile name MB


English, French, French (CA), Spanish, Spanish (MX), German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Polish