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Web User Interface

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Phone User Interface


Text Configuration

cordless.x.pfk.y.feature = VALIDVALUE


On handset/deskset x, assign a programmable feature type to the Programmable Feature Key (PFK) y.


x = Device number (1-48)    Note: The M500 supports a maximum of 16 devices in dual cell mode. 

y = PFK number (1-6 for handset, 1-24 for deskset)

Valid Values

unassigned, keyline, line, call list, dialing line, dir, call log, redial, messages, dnd, cfwd all, cfwd busy, cfwd no answer, setting, speed dial list, intercom call list, callback missed, speed dial, intercom call, paging, paging list, dtmf, silent ringer, silent mode, dect busy monitoring

Default Value

keyline (with x=1-48, y=1-4)

unassigned (with x=1-48, y=5-24)