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Release Date: 28. April 2023

Important Note: 

  • Please make sure you read ALL of the information below before installing the software on your device.
  • Please install and test the software in your environment before mass deployment.
  • We encourage you to read and follow our security advisories.


Changes since release version 1.9.2

New features:

#MCP-1911, #MCP-2074, #MCP-4709: Password alert message displayed on idle screen of M55/M58

The M55/M58 idle screen will display a password warning message if the Administrator password and/or User password has not been changed from their default values.


Admin password

User password

Password warning message displayed

Default value

Default value

Admin PW not set

Default value


Admin PW not set


Default value

User PW not set



(No message)

While the password warning message is displayed, the M55’s Call List soft key and M58’s Redial soft key is replaced by the Info soft key.

To temporarily clear the password warning message and restore the Call List / Redial soft key:

  1. Press Info.
    A pop-up message appears. e.g. “For security reason, please edit the admin password.”
  2. On the M55, press . On the M58, press .
  3. Repeat steps 1-2.

The Call List / Redial soft key is now available. 

After two minutes, the password warning message reappears and the Call List / Redial soft key is again replaced by the Info soft key. To permanently remove the password warning message, reset the Administrator password and/or User password as necessary.

#MCP-2916: WebUI - Provisioning Page - Reset Remote Base

Added a new section the WebUI Servicing > Provisioning page under Reset Configuration to reset the remote (secondary) base. 

This section is shown in the WebUI of the Primary base only. In the WebUI of the Secondary base, the section is hidden.

#MCP-2917: WebUI - Reboot Page - Reboot Remote Base

Added a new section in the WebUI Servicing > Reboot page to reboot remote (secondary) base.

This section is shown in the WebUI of the Primary base only. In the WebUI of the Secondary base, the section is hidden.

#MCP-3488: DectStatistic Page - Support Credential

Created a new support login credential to enable access of the DECT statistics page on the WebUI - http(s)://<host:port>/dect_statistics.kl1.  

The username is support.

Added the following new parameter:


Sets the support password for accessing the DECT Statistics page on the WebUI.

This setting is NON-EXPORTABLE.

Servicing Security Passwords  Support PasswordN/Atext stringsupport

#MCP-4378: Add logging support for SIP packets

Added the Servicing > SIP Trace page to the WebUI to display a log of sent and received SIP packets. You can use the SIP Trace page to analyze and troubleshoot SIP issues.

#MCP-4691: Show a WUI reminder for changing default admin/user PW in M500

When the user or admin credential is using default password, a password warning message will be displayed at the top of every WebUI page. This warning message stays until both user and admin passwords are changed.

Other New Features




Reject Handover If Handover Limit is Reached

Improvements and Modifications:

#MCP-1367: WebUI - Status Page - SIP Account

Changed the WebUI Status > System Status page so the Account Status section only displays accounts that are registered.

#MCP-1772: M55/M58 Firmware upgrade - M55/M58 displays countdown warning before upgrade

During a firmware upgrade, while the M55/M58 is receiving the new firmware in the background, a flashing progress icon is displayed on the screen.

When the firmware download is complete, the M55/M58 displays a message with a countdown before installation begins – “New firmware is available. Update is starting in X minutes.”

When the countdown ends, the M55/M58 displays a large hourglass icon on the screen while installing the firmware.

#MCP-3503: Enable DECT Statistic By Default

Changed the default value of the cordless.statistics_enable parameter to 1.



Enable our phone to send DECT statistics to a server via HTTP POST.



0 (disabled)

1 (enabled)


As a result, the WebUI Cordless Status page displays the columns Range, Signal, Battery, and In Cradle.

#MCP-3879: Enable RTCP-XR by default

Changed the default value of parameter audio.rtcp_xr.enable to 1 (enabled).



Enables or disables reporting of RTCP XR via SIP to a collector server. RTP Control Protocol Extended Reports (RTCP XR) are used for voice quality assessment and diagnostics.



0 (disabled)

1 (enabled)


#MCP-4456: Wideband call is no longer restricted by number of handsets/desksets registered

Removed a restriction that was imposed for wideband call setup in handset.  When the number of handsets registered is greater than 5, only narrowband call setup is allowed.  The M500, now allows wideband configuration based on the base station  localized limit.  This will allow every device  to setup a wideband call.

#MCP-4624: Air-sync improvement on primary base (dual-cell system)

In a dual cell configuration, set the RPN of secondary base to the preferred RPN list of the primary base when:

  • Base is configured as primary base
  • One secondary base has joined the multicell system.

When the primary base reboots in the middle of some operations, it will search for secondary base immediately to speed up the air-sync process.

#MCP-4660: SysLog Improvement: Support standard severity levels

On the WebUI System Logs page, changed the values of the Log Level drop-down list to standard severity levels: DEBUG, INFO, NOTICE, WARN, ERROR, CRIT, ALERT, EMERG.

Changed the valid values and default value of parameter log.syslog_level:



Sets the log level.
The higher the level, the larger the debug output.

Configuration System Logs Syslog  Log Level




#MCP-4670: WebUI Translations

Updated the language translation for WebUI text strings for German(de), Spanish(es), French(fr), and Italian(it).

#MCP-4846: User needs to be able to easily dial 911/emergency number when in lock screen (M58 Only)

Disabled the keypad lock feature (press # to lock keypad) on the M58 deskset.

Other Improvements and Modifications



Retain LogSettings after mode switch via webUI


Add "Base Busy Status" checking before Roaming / Handover


Improve intersystem communication to ensure proper broadcast to devices


PUI - Speed up account list access, when Account config is already up-to-date


PUI - Speed up M55/M58 name list access, when M55/M58 config is already up-to-date


Upgrade to OBUSPA 6.0.0


SysLog Improvement: Added SysLog messages for troubleshooting Site Formation issues.


Syslog Improvement - Added SysLog messages for troubleshooting Base Firmware Upgrade issues.


SysLog Improvement: Added SysLog messages for troubleshooting Cordless Upgrade issues.


SysLog Improvement: Added SysLog messages for troubleshooting Calling (internal/external) issues.


DECT M55/M58 - Use more precise API to check if connection is active after handover


M55 low-temp stop Li-ion battery charging


DECT M55/M58 - Ignore invalid deregistration request


When M55/M58 is out of range, the signal bar should blink in 1 Hz


Syslog improvement: Added SysLog messages for troubleshooting DECT Out of Range issues.


SysLog Improvement: Disable css debug messages


Update User-Agent for M500 for remote XML sync to mimic config and firmware GET requests


#MCP-4274: Off hook hard key defect

During transfer/conference (with or without digits entered):

  • Pressing the Message/Setting/Intercom hard key would end the call unexpectedly.
  • Pressing the Speed Dial List soft key had no function. It should have displayed the speed dial list.

During a ringing incoming call, the Directory/Call History/Redial List/Message soft keys were functioning. They should not be functioning in this state.

#MCP-4301: Bases with IPv6 cannot form site

Corrected an issue where two bases with IPv6 address cannot form site.

Added the following new parameter:



Multicast IPv6 address to be used for site discovery and site synchronization via multicast.

Once a site is joined by one or more secondary base(s), multicell.multicast_ipv6_address should not be modified.

Configure this setting for a specific base station. This is NOT a site-wide setting.



IPv6 address


#MCP-4370: Improved workaround for call drop detection

Improve call state synchronization between M500 and M55 and M58.  Call synchronization now utilizes call status broadcast messages.

#MCP-4708: Update TR369 Server URL

Changed the default value of parameter tr369.controller.url to



URL of the TR369 controller that our device is connecting to.

Servicing TR369  Controller URL



#MCP-4794: TLS Handshake failure

Device response Handshake Failure when TLS registers to a specific server. Resolved by disabling SIP TLS secure renegotiation via a new parameter.

Added the following new parameter:



Enables or disables SIP TLS secure renegotiation (RFC 5746 compliance).

This parameter is only applicable to the TLS connection between the primary base and the server.

This parameter is NON-EXPORTABLE.



0 (disabled)

1 (enabled)


#MCP-4791: M55/M58 - Auto Reg Success, but keep in Auto Reg screen

When Auto Registration is successful, the M55/M58 remained on the Auto Registration screen, and could not exit to normal Idle screen until timeout and reboot.

Other corrections



SRTP call does not work for RTP forwarding


Wrong call state after multiple reject of same call


WebUI Date Format should not contain YY/MM/DD


M55/M58 in Secondary Base Click-To-Dial has no audio


M500 cannot make calls when stun server is set.


TLS registration failed with Metaswitch server


M500 - Out of Range Statistic determination - Not localized


Secondary Base with old RFPI after joined site


After renaming a Bluetooth device, and then power rebooting the M55/M58, the device name restores to its original name


M55/M58 outgoing call does not show Restricted Number CID


Added additional corner case protection for firmware upgrade process


M500: SIP INFO DTMF method is not recognized on 3CX


M55/M58 does not indicate out of range, and never comes back in range after base reboot


Corrected rare case of poor audio on one of the device connected to secondary base


M500 number of localized handsets is not matching


M500 installed handset firmware and installed deskset firmware are not matching


Need to reboot M500 to trigger SUOTA updating shared directory on M55/M58 if importing shared directory file while firmware upgrading is in progress


1-way audio between secondary HSs - SRTP Enabled


M500: HS1 has no TX after local resumed the call - SRTP Enabled


Syslog error about namespace when performing factory reset


Localized handsets in Base status webpage is incorrect after deregister M55/M58 via PUI


M500 LINK LED incorrectly keeps flashing orange after a M55/M58 is registered. If another M55/M58 is registered or the base is rebooted, the LINK LED becomes steady green.


No disconnect indication when base is down


Abnormal call status after far end transfer a PARK call


M500 unresponsive upon making new call when maximum 8 calls has been reached (Happened once)


Number of connections decrease after handover


PFK LED stops flashing for held call after roaming to another base


SuotaManager doesn't stop broadcast while uploading new image to DCX.


Transfer call will stay on calling screen if the number is unreachable


Multicell: Blind transfer failure ringback not handled properly


Page receiver - suppress the disconnect tone when page ends


Duplicate parameters in a configuration file should be applied in order from top to bottom of the file. The last duplication should be the one that is applied.


After changing account type from Standard to Key Line Emulation, the M55/M58 cannot make an outgoing call


M55/M58 does not report SW version after SUOTA Upgrade.


M500: Cannot disable HTTPS Secure Browsing and port number via WebUI


Wrong RTP sent during re-invite mechanism


Improved DECT system broadcast channel


Some M55/M58 are out of range after base station reboot (Force the M55/M58 lock to the dedicated base station)


No audio after secondary M55/M58 call resume when connected to OpenSIPS


M55/M58: On the Directory > LDAP > Search page, the search wildcard * fails to return all the results


Show M55/M58 local date/time if base does not send/sync date/time to M55/M58


M55/M58 does not auto-answer Page ALL


Far end emits big white noise after handover from Secondary to Primary


The entire call dropped if the barged-in M55/M58 hangs up


PFK cannot barge-in to another active call during active call


Unable to dial out via Speed dial list on transfer/conference dialer


During conference press "END" softkey cannot end the call


Incorrect soft key layout in Bluetooth device list


Keytone enabled during active call. No keytone should be heard during calling.


Do not show handset’s/deskset's own active call in the call list


Transfer call list should not show entry with different account


M55/M58 turn on LCD Backlight and All LED for 5 seconds every time M55/M58 reboots


No audio after resume the same call twice between bases


Abnormal PFK status after conferencing with different line


Incorrect PFK state if there is an incoming call in outgoing calling state


Primary change WebUI language but Secondary does not take effect


IPv6: DECT Radio does not turn on Secondary


BCSP Host API Memory Leak


No softkey on inbound call screen after Transfer


Abnormal call screen when blind transfer a hold call


Fail to establish call for particular M55/M58


Invalid transfer action after answering incoming call during transfer


M55/M58 release call if inbound and outbound call at the same time (call collision)


IPv6 air sync fail. In the base status webpage, the air sync status is showing as unsync when the base is configured in IPv6.


Speed dial list cannot scroll down to the last item


Outbound call fails with RingCentrail when TLS is enabled


WebUI locked up if power down M55, then keep refreshing cordless status webpage


Correct an erroneous tone that may get generated on the device when ring volume is turned off during an incoming call


Fail to deliver updated call status to M55/M58 if more than 4 incoming calls arrive at the same time.


Call ID does not change after transfer


Duplicate tags in XML config causes phone to crash


M500 (Realtek RTL8363NB) : PC port VLAN tagging not working on bootup


Fail to Replicate Record Created by Manual Registration


Voicemail hardkey does not dial out on account 9 and up


Pressing hash key will trigger manual registration on "register via" menu


Local directory contact and speed dial should have 16 dial line


Registering screen pop up for a second after canceling manual registration


M55 cannot completely go back to Idle and end call, when put on cradle


Incorrect screen displayed when inbound call right after register


Cannot show M55/M58 name, if registered M55/M58 + Group > 48


LCD Backlight cannot turn off, after timeout from Manual Registration


No function on call history "Save" softkey


Intercom hard key should be disabled during intercom or paging call


Unexpected center key action on manual registration message


Bluetooth pairing screen should not be able to dismiss by center key


"Call Forward No Answer" PFK label is clipped


Improve robustness of Wideband handover


M500 : LLDP-MED policy change cannot apply without unplug/replug


trigger provisioning on secondary when primary receives a check-sync NOTIFY


Using Wrong Codec


One M55/M58 Failed to update firmware version to Base


During paging call, M55/M58 answers the call waiting call, M55/M58 doesn't drop the paging call


M55/M58 cannot be paged when it is on Paging menu


M55 Miss call option page empty


During Call transfer, M55/M58 active call screen frozen, until call release


M55/M58 On Secondary fail to update shared directory


Sometimes calls would be dropped after handover


CallSlotModel - Attended transfer fail at secondary base


Missing device MAC address info on the syslog message


Early attended transfer failure not handled properly


Improve call release message handling


Caller name duplicated from caller number


Predial Fail to dial, Post-dial normal


After import config, WebUI was blank


2-way audio turns bad after a min when the Secondary M55/M58 is on the call, resume after another 1 min.


After attended transfer fail, no transfer failed splash screen


LCD backlight turn off during Hold Call state


Removed Network Conference configuration from WebUI


M55/M58 cannot receive incoming ring before making outbound call


Correct manual account type changes not getting applied properly


Correct error handling when DECT location registration is unsuccessful


Correct logging message when paging occurs


DECT M55/M58 - Forever Search for Base


M55/M58 cannot send Firmware version, if call started


Does not use PAI/RPID for inbound call


Incorrect Reboot Counter


Correct race condition that may cause incorrect device configuration when devices are powered up


M500: cannot open the wireshark data from webUI system log pcap


M55/M58 memory leak found when access call list during active call


Correct out of range status from not being reported correctly in some circumstances


Dect Statistic failed to pull on some handsets/desksets


Correct localization information when performing several handover in succession


M55/M58 - Align Active Call Top Row Icons with Idle screen


Answering call at primary when it has already been answered at secondary


M500:PP can't resume a hold call.(G729,UDP,TCP)


Call waiting call was disappear - Concurrent ringing (INT)


M500 call failure with opus/ilbc codecs


Correct simultaneous off-hook with multiple devices from being reported correctly


Fail To Answer Call Concurrently - M55/M58 frozen in "Incoming Call"


M500 Dual base Localized list corruption as a result of M55/M58 reboot


Can't perform feature access code when the code include "#" in multicell

Parameter Changes:

The following configuration file parameters have been introduced or modified in 1.11.0.


Changed parameter


Changed parameter


Changed parameter

New parameter


New parameter


Changed parameter

M500 base station

File NameFile sizeSHA 256 ChecksumFile name MB


M55 handset

File NameFile sizeSHA 256 ChecksumSupported languageFile name MB


English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Polish

M58 deskset

File NameFile sizeSHA 256 ChecksumSupported languageFile name MB


English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Polish