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  1. Set up an extension for the headset on the base station and put the base station into registration mode for handsets. Please refer to the base station manual on how to do it.

    The IPEI number of the headset can be found on the label of its packaging as well as underneath the ear pad. (Carefully lift the ear pad to find the IPEI).

    Note: To be able to register a headset, you must set the AC code on the M900 Extensions page to 0000.
  2. Press the CALL key and the two VOLUME keys simultaneously for more than 5 seconds to put the headset into registration mode, as indicated by short blue flashes and the voice prompt announcing "registering."

  3. If the headset has been registered, the voice prompt announces "headset subscribed," and the headset has been added to the extensions page (Fig. 1). It can now receive calls at the assigned extension number.