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It is possible to operate the A190 headset as a stand alone device or to pair the headset with an handset registered at the base station.

This works for all the handsets and base stations on the M-series, so M25, M30, M65, M70, M80, M85 and M90 working on M400, M700 and M900 (for the M300 there are some additional steps to be taken, reported at the bottom of this guide).

Pairing the A190 on a M400/M700/M900

The headset will get the same extension number as the handset.

  1. Open the web user interface of your DECT base
  2. You need to have at least one handset already registered on the base with its own IPEI number
  3. That handset also needs to be registered via SIP with your PBX/platform, you can check both registration in the Extensions menu of the web interface
  4. Now you need to register the A190 on the base station: you need another SIP extension for the A190, and to follow the steps into the page How can I register the A190
  5. The SIP extension for the A190 can also be a "fake" temporary one, it doesn't need to register via SIP on your PBX/platform, it's just to make sure the A190 registers via DECT with the base and you can see the IPEI of the headset
  6. On the Extension menu, click on the IPEI of the the A190, the A190 handset page will open and you will be able to pair the devices

  7. In the pull-down list of "Paired Terminal", select the "Terminal Idx" of the handset.

  8. When you click on "Save" you will go back to the Extensions menu and the headset should be registered with the same extension number as the handset

  9. The previous SIP extension you used for the A190 isn't on the base station anymore, so there is no need to delete anything

Pairing the A190 on a M300

To make this work on an M300 you would need to disable the "Local Call Groups" option, please follow these steps

  1. Go the "Configuration" page
  2. Click on the "Export" button, save the file and open it with an editor like Notepad++ (do not use Windows' Notepad)
  3. Change the following parameter to "off": <allow_call_groups>off</allow_call_groups>
  4. Get to the web user interface "Configuration" page again
  5. Click on the button "browse" and select the changed file, then upload it

Now you should be able to follow the above steps and pair the A190 with any handset you need on the M300