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Add Extensions

To add handsets to an M-Series base, we need to add "Extensions" under the same menu item in the web interface of any base of your multicell.

Click on "Add extension".

Fill in the following items:

  • Line Name = Extension (for display only)
  • Extension = Sip Username
  • Authentication User Name = Sip Username
  • Authentication Password = Sip Password
  • Display Name = Name that is displayed in the handset.

If you want to configure alarms for the M85 in the M700, you will find instructions here: How to use alarm function on M-series handsets

Pairing a handset

Once you have added the new handset, you still need to pair it. In the unpaired state, the display shows either "unregistered" or, if it cannot find its base, "Searching".

  • To do this, press "Menu" on the handset and navigate to the symbol in the top right-hand corner, the circle with three dots.
  • Now press the round confirm button in the middle of the round 4 way button again.
  • A menu will now appear. The first item is called Register, here you press the button under the word "Select" at the top, below the display, on the far left.
  • A list of entries will now appear, showing "Empty". Press "Select" again.
  • An input field will appear where you will enter the number found in the 'AC' field shown in the screenshot above; under 'Extensions' (usually this is a 4-digit number).
  • Then press OK, and your handset should now display the two pieces of information entered for "Displayname" and "SIP User".

Possible errors:

  • If the handset continues to show unregistered in the display, you may have waited too long and the base station is no longer in pairing mode. To reactivate pairing mode, click on the checkbox in the web interface of a base station under "User" in the line of the desired handset and then click on the link "Register handset(s)" under the list.
  • If the handset displays "No SIP registration", you have entered the SIP account data incorrectly. To check this, click in the web interface under "User" in the line of the desired handset on the link in the column "SIP User" in the right half of the line and correct the error. After a subsequent save, the display should. If you have done everything correctly, now show your user correctly and also not disappear after a few seconds.


If a base station is not connected to the system, please read the following articles: