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In order to create a DECT Multi-cell system some requirements must be satisfied:

  1. Please make sure to have read the Multicell deployment guide
  2. Check if all base stations have the same firmware version (ideally latest)
  3. Secondary base must be resetted to default values
  4. Check if all base stations have the same time set in the web interface: you have to configure an NTP server and set the Timezone and Country.
  5. Ensure that the customer is provisioning only the first primary base (for Data Exchange). Or if no provisioning is used that only one base is used to enter data.
  6. Check that there is some data on the primary base that can be synched, i.e. sip server configured and one SIP account
  7. Check if all base stations have the same System Chain ID set under Multicell in the web interface
  8. Check in the web interface if the Data sync method under Multicell is the same and if it is, check if multicast (default value) packets are not filtered by the switch/router. If packets are filtered enable peer-to-peer and define a primary data sync ip
  9. Check that there is only one Primary base station and all others in the chain report as Secondary. If not, and more than one of the base stations reports as Primary, factory reset one of these and then enable multicast again
  10. Check that the dBm value of the base stations that are in a multi cell is not lower than -75dbm
  11. If you are still encountering issues please enable the debug log level (Management -> Syslog -> Syslog Level) and the multi cell debug (Multicell -> Multi cell debug -> both ) and then check the logs


If you are experiencing problems when using Multicast default configuration with M700 cluster, please take a look to Peer to Peer Configuration