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In some multicell systems (based on M700, M400 or M900) you may notice SIP registrations dropping, especially while the handset/headset are roaming from one base to the next

That may be due to the PBX or platform unable to handle a re-registration of the same SIP account if it was already registered in the system: by default, every time the handset moves to a new base, the base will send a re-Register to the PBX/platform for the SIP account, even if it was already registered

There is a simple way to avoid that, with a parameter you can find in the Multicell menu of the web interface called "SIP Server support for multiple registrations per account" as in the screenshot below

In the provisioning/configuration file, this parameter is called network_roaming_deregister, it's disabled by default and have two possible values, "enabled" or "disabled"

If this setting is disabled the system will send a new registration - overwriting the old one - if a  handset moves to a different base

If this setting is enabled, the system will send a de-REGISTER from the first base when a handset is roaming and a new REGISTER from the second base, to avoid multiple REGISTER for the same account

Try and enable this parameter, then reboot all the bases to make sure they handle the registration as expected, and see if the problem continues