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  • DECT - 2. Physical installation


When installing DECT base stations and repeaters, please carefully read the following instructions:

  • Base stations can be wall-mounted with screws or with special brackets (bracket is not part of standard packet, but can be ordered separately).

  • The distance between base stations (or repeaters) must not be less than 3m.

  • Do not mount base stations directly on metal. This will generate radio interference and bad performance. Please don't forget that some materials can stop / reflect signal (metalized glass).

  • It is always important to make a coverage test.

  • Always place a base station or repeater with top upside down when installing on celling to achieve a horizontal 360° DECT coverage.

  • Avoid signal strength “RSSI” levels below -75dBm among base stations or repeaters, as this can lead to bad audio quality and roaming/handover issues).

  • In areas with heavy call load, you should place several base stations to increase the call capacity: each base station can handle up to 8 simultaneous calls (Narrow Band).

  • Please also consider to use more than one base station in order to provide coverage redundancy, avoiding single point of failures.

  • For power continuity use POE adaptor or a PoE switch with stable current supply.

  • Repeaters can be used in chain to extend DECT range in corridors and areas with little capacity needs. DECT repeaters can handle up to 5 simultaneous calls.