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This page describes how to make an intercom call on M55, M56 or M58.

Intercom Feature

The M500 provides an internal calling capability between any handsets or desksets without having to set up an account. Each user's device will be referenced by an internal ID and Device name that enables the system to place and answer calls between devices. Only 1-to-1 calling is available through intercom. Intercom calls cannot be conference or transferred.

Making an intercom call

  1. Press the MENU/Confirm key, then use the navigation keys to select (Intercom Call).


    On the M55 handset, press the hard key below the Volume – hard key, then press INT.

    On the M58 deskset, press the  hard key. 

  2. Press or to select the handset/deskset you wish to call.

  3. Press Dial.

Your M55 / M56 / M58 displays "Calling".

When the far end answers, your M55 / M58 displays "On a call" with a timer.

To end the intercom call, press End.

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